Strategy & Planning

#155 Value - Values

How can you practically use your business values to engage your team, increase productivity and lift your game? Mike shares on the value of values - watch, listen, identify your action points and head back into your week with a refreshed focus. Here's to your success!

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#150 Connections - Your Mindset

What important connections will you be making this month? This time of year has us connecting with many people and we need to ensure that we remain diligent around ensuring every interaction adds value as this will enhance our future relationships. Are you bringing your best self to all the connections you will make as we wind up this year?

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#148 REFINE - Your Team

Who invested in you so that you could get to the place you are today? When people are invested in, they give their very best, and Mike uses this Learning BITES to share how you can grow your people, your team and your business. Here's to your success!

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#146 REFINE - Your Mindset

What could you refine in your habits and mindset? Refining is taking something which is already good, and making it better. Take a couple of minutes and see where you could REFINE your mindset and make the first step towards getting to that next level.  Here’s to your success!

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#145 Refocus - Your Business

Are you using the 80/20 rule to keep your focus across your business? Use these couple of minutes to see how you could refocus and make sure that you as a business finish the year strongly. Here's to your success!

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#139 Spring Cleaning - Your Marketing

Does your marketing need a fresh approach?  Are all your messages and stories aligned?  Take a look at your current marketing practices and see where you can use this time to ensure you’re on track to presenting your business in the best light both internally and externally.  As always, if there’s any way we can assist, please get in touch.  Make it a great day!

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#136 Prioritising - In Time Management

How do you optimise the 86,400 seconds in your day?  Mike shares two key tools for prioritising in time management.  Take a couple of hundred of those seconds and invest them into watching this videos and prioritising taking action from it to ensure you are on track. Make it a great day!

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#133 Prioritising - In Teams

How does your team choose to prioritise? What tasks and activities do you focus on? Mike shares how prioritising can work your team into an effective, efficient unit. Watch, take personal action, and here's to your success!

#124 Leadership - Mindset

Where does leadership begin? As with all things, your mindset will limit or empower your growth in leadership. Take a few minutes and do a check of the place that true leadership starts. What could you do differently to be a better leader? If you need some help to get clarity, get in touch with us. Here’s to your success!

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#123 Unity - You & Your Contribution

How unified is your team? How connected do you feel to the team's purpose, your team members, customers & suppliers? Unity starts with you, and your contribution – when we take responsibility for this, knowing that we can only control ourselves and not other people, it enables us to become the authors and creators of the unity that we desire both internally and externally.  As always, contact us if you would like help in getting more clarity on this topic.

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#121 Unity - Identify Your Core Strengths

What is your business known for? If you could sum it up in one word, how would that help to unify your company? Explore how knowing your core strength can make a positive difference and grow your business success. Make it a great day!

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#120 Unity - Knowing Your Numbers

How do your numbers stack up?  Do sales know what works for marketing?  Does production keep up with sales?  Take a few minutes to see how you can grow unity in your business by knowing your numbers and getting aligned. Here's to your success!

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#118 Overcoming - In Marketing

How do you stand out among the noise of mass marketing messages?  Mike explores a key strategy to overcome the noise and create marketing that generates fantastic leads.  Watch, apply the strategy to your marketing, and if you need any help with clarifying your ideal client, get in touch with us.  Make it a great day!

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#116 Overcoming - Trust Builders

How do you build trust?  As a foundational element of great teams, it's essential to build trust but many organisations don't know how.  Mike explores this topic in this short video clip.  Watch, action, and grow your team and your business.  Here's to your success!

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#114 Flow - In Your Life

Take a look around your life - do you like what you see? Is it a wonderful life? Developing flow in your life is a deliberate persistent task. Take a couple of minutes and assess the flow of your life. Pick one thing, and make a change in your moments and focus today! Here's to your success!

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#109 Appreciation - Community Matters

How does your business impact the community around you? Watch this two minute clip, look for an action that you can take and ensure your business makes a positive difference in your world today. Here's to your success!

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#105 Effective Team Meetings

What makes an effective meeting?  Mike explores the elements of an effective meeting and gives simple actionable suggestions to make the most of your meetings.  Watch, identify what action you can take and get a return on your investment of time watching this video.  Here's to your success!

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#103 Start

How do you become successful? You have to begin, and that simple thing can be the hardest step.  Mike shares some empowering thoughts to enable you to take that step.  Watch, reflect, and step out into the success you are dreaming of. As always, please contact us if there is any way we can support you in achieving your success.

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#102 Reflect Forward

What will you take into 2018?  In this last Learning BITES for 2017, we discuss how to take the year you’ve had and reflect forward so that your next year will be even better.  Take a minute to invest in your future, watch the video and apply the learning to your business and your team.  Here’s to your success!

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#101 Cascade Training (2018)

Get the most from any training your team takes by using Cascade Training. In this video, Mike outlines the Cascade Training flow of before and after actions to which can increase engagement, retention and application of training. Take a couple of minutes, download the Cascade Training form and get ROI on your investment in your people.

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