#179 Wellness - Physical Wellness

What can management do about the physical wellbeing of their staff? How do you contribute towards your team being on their best game? Watch our short video clip to get ideas for a few small changes that could make a big difference. Here's to your success!

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#178 - Wellness - Financial Wellness

Do you focus on the wellness of your people? What areas of mental wellness do you nurture?  Mental wellness contributes hugely to the ROI of your team. In our video this week, Mike share the reasoning behind paying attention to mental wellness, and some suggestions with where you could focus in your team.  Here’s to your success!

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#168 Measuring Success - Teams

Are your team aligned to a common goal? How do you demonstrate to your team the importance of this? A quick exercise and some thought into your company transparency in this area could make a considerable difference to your team productivity. Watch, get in touch if we can help, and here’s to your success!

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#163 Team & Culture Dynamics - Generating Leads

How do you get your website used more? Are your team using the tools your business has available to generate leads? Watch, find the gaps where you could be doing more and take action! If you need any help, please get in touch. Here's to your success!

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#162 Team & Culture Dynamics - Delegation

What do you need to delegate? Do you know how to? Mike Clark shares tips of managing delegation to grow your team and get the best from your business. Here's to your success! Wistia link here

#161 Team & Culture Dynamics - Families in Business

Are you part of a family-run business? How do you manage the dynamic of family at work? Family-run businesses are part of the economic backbone of New Zealand, and the development of strong culture is a critical path to their continuity. Whether you're in one or you work with one, this snippet of info could be useful in adding value to that relationship. Here's to your success!

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#158 Making Your POD Meaningful

Are you the only one in the market with your unique product? Is your POD the compelling fulfillment of your client's need? Two simple checks on getting the message across to your potential client base may make a difference in your marketing.

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#155 Value - Values

How can you practically use your business values to engage your team, increase productivity and lift your game? Mike shares on the value of values - watch, listen, identify your action points and head back into your week with a refreshed focus. Here's to your success!

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#152 Connections - Teams

Have you thanked your team members? Positive connections make all the difference to good relationships. Extra short as we are all busy at this time of year, Mike prioritises taking the time to fit in appreciation for the people who keep your business profitable. Here's to your success!

#148 REFINE - Your Team

Who invested in you so that you could get to the place you are today? When people are invested in, they give their very best, and Mike uses this Learning BITES to share how you can grow your people, your team and your business. Here's to your success!

#140 Spring Cleaning - Your Team

How do you spring clean your team? What needs freshening up in your team?  Take your staff through the spring cleaning video and see what you could implement in your business to breathe fresh life into your team environment.  This is an area of expertise for us and a time of year many businesses invest in their people, so get in touch to discuss the potential to run a purpose day to revitalise and refocus your team.  Here’s to your success!

#129 Management - Teams

How do you manage within your team to complete your daily tasks?  Do you conquer both operational and strategic goals in your role?  Mike explores practical management in a team environment with tips to keep you focused and working effectively towards your company goals.
As always, please get in touch if there’s any way we can support you in this.  Here’s to your success!

#125 Leadership - Teams

How does your team reflect its leadership?  Great teams are built by skillful leaders.  Great leaders always do a couple of things – take a couple of minutes to check if you’re on track or where your tweaking your leadership could lift the game of your team to the next level.  As always, get in touch for help with any questions or input to issues which you encounter from watching this video clip.  Make it a great day!

#123 Unity - You & Your Contribution

How unified is your team? How connected do you feel to the team's purpose, your team members, customers & suppliers? Unity starts with you, and your contribution – when we take responsibility for this, knowing that we can only control ourselves and not other people, it enables us to become the authors and creators of the unity that we desire both internally and externally.  As always, contact us if you would like help in getting more clarity on this topic.

#122 Unity - Team

Communication and working together are vital for high performance teams. How unified is your team? What one area could your team improve on? Take a few minutes and see what single thing you could focus on to lift the performance of your team and create more unity. Here’s to your success!

#119 Unity - Understanding

How do you build unity in your teams?  Mike explores key foundations to unity in this first video in a series of five.  Find out where unity starts and use your knowledge to strengthen the unity of your team.  Here’s to your success!

#116 Overcoming - Trust Builders

How do you build trust?  As a foundational element of great teams, it's essential to build trust but many organisations don't know how.  Mike explores this topic in this short video clip.  Watch, action, and grow your team and your business.  Here's to your success!

#111 Flow - In A Team Environment

Interruptions!! How do you manage them?  In a team environment, getting into your flow can be challenging.  Mike explores this topic with some practical suggestions that you could apply to make a difference in your productivity.  Watch, find what you need to do and take action today! Here's to your success!

#109 Appreciation - Community Matters

How does your business impact the community around you? Watch this two minute clip, look for an action that you can take and ensure your business makes a positive difference in your world today. Here's to your success!

#108 Appreciation - Your Clients Love It Too

What is your business without your clients?  In this short video clip Mike shares on the importance of making sure your clients feel appreciated.  Watch, find an action you can commit to taking, and make sure that your business rates a 10/10 on the appreciation scale!  Here’s to your success!