#97 Overcoming Team Dysfunctions - Healthy Conflict

Does your team use conflict safely as a growth tool? Are you able to attack problems not people? This clip looks at Patrick Lencioni's second tier of team dysfunctions and gives you the opportunity to review your team and practice with an aim to reach the next level. Here's to your success!

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#96 Overcoming Team Dysfunctions - The #1 Foundation Element

Building great teams is the best way to build great business.  This  series looks at practical application from the lessons in Patrick Lencioni's book: Five Dysfunctions of A Team.  What can you do to ensure your team is functioning at its highest level? Watch, note what is important for you, and take action on what you learn today.  Here's to your success!

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#95 Working Smarter - Grow Your Team

How do you grow your business? Among the many focus areas, a key area of growth is the people who make up your team. Explore with Mike in this couple of minutes of video, and see what you can do to grow your people and your business. Here's to your success!

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#94 Working Smarter - Using Your Finances

Do you know your figures? Does that help? How can you take the numbers and use them to make strategic decisions about how your business runs? Join Mike as he shares some thoughts, questions and insights, and look for the action that you can take away that will make a difference in your business. Here's to your success!

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#93 Working Smarter - Planning

How often do you look at your plans? Do you regularly make sure that you are taking account of and making adjustments towards achieving both personal and business goals? Success habits are created by right thinking - where is yours?  Watch, spot the action you can take and see where an adjustment to your planning can take you.  Here's to your success!

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#92 Working Smarter - Back to Basics

When you are in business, some things just work.  This video clip explores the reasons for the success of your business, and gives focus about where you might be best to put your attention.  As always, we are here to help so do get in touch for your business training needs.

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#91 Motivation - Focus & Momentum

As with any other business tool, the 5-Second Gap is only as effective as the productivity it creates. Using this technique as a tool is essential to its success. Mike shares some perspective to further pursue the effective use of the 5-Second Gap or any other method for increasing your productivity.

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#90 Motivation - The 5-Second Gap

What is the 5-Second Gap and how do you use it?  If you've wondered how to project yourself forward and gain some traction in the goals you are seeking, this short video clip could be just what you need.  Here's to your success!

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#89 Motivation - Counter Intuitive Action

Ever wondered if there was one thing you could do to get motivated? Spend a couple of minutes with Mike as he shares a key to motivation. And if you're wondering how to accomplish your next business goal, get in touch to see how we can help you get the results you want! Make today great!

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#88 Motivation - Find Your Get Up & Go

Motivation is very personal.  Do you know where you get yours?  Mike takes a brief look at motivation, its internal process and its place in your team.  Make your minutes count!

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#87 Persistence - Redefine Failure

What place does failure have in your business? Is it a learning tool, or a crippling effect? Redefining failure is a transformational process that can make the difference between success and ceasing to try. Watch, take action, and get in touch if you want some help. Here's to your success! mike@thinkright.co.nz +642 7298 7523

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#86 Persistence - Know What You are Aiming For

Do you know what you are aiming for?  In this short clip Mike shares how your feedback has helped us to persist in working on and through these Learning BITES, and puts out a challenge for you.  Watch, share, and most importantly, take action!
Here's to your success!

#85 Feedback -Team Feedback

How do you feedback to your team? We often only focus on individual feedback. Therefore, when giving individual feedback it is important to know how the feedback influences the wider team. Feeding back to your team as a whole means together you can better serve your customers.

#84 Feedback - Is Your Feedback Clear and Understood?

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How do you make sure that what you say is what people have heard?  Having clarity in communication is essential.  In this brief clip, Mike shares a basic tip to ensure that your actions of speaking and hearing are aligned to common understanding. Watch, take action and here's to your success!

#83 Feedback - Effective Feedback Strategies


What strategies do you use to make sure the feedback you give is effective? In this Learning BITES, Mike shares his take on some strategies you can employ when giving feedback. Watch, take action and here's to your success!

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#82 Feedback - How Do You Receive Feedback

How do you receive feedback?  Do you take it as opportunity to learn, or judgment of you?  How does your team receive feedback?  In this Learning BITES, Mike explores the value of receiving feedback with a growth mindset. As always, get in touch for any way we can assist you with your business training needs.

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#81 Feedback - Feedback Loops

The importance of feedback in the growth and success of your business cannot be underestimated. Mike explores this critical area with key focus questions, ideas, and actions for you to take on board. Watch, action, and do be in touch with any questions, thoughts or challenges that you may encounter.

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#80 Continuous Learning - Set Your Goals | Achieve Your Goals

How do you reach your goals?  What method do you use both to identify and to ensure you are moving towards your goals?  Mike shares his perspective and experience with this. Watch, listen, and use what inspires you to catapult you into action.  Make it a great day!

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#79 Continuous Learning - Practice Makes Perfect

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How do you get to be the best? Do you want to be the best salesman, the best service provider, the best manager? In this clip, Mike reflects on the actions that it takes to be the best in your field. Break it down, do it, see what you could do better, repeat. Share this video with your team, and work out what you need to practice to help your business be the very best you can be! Here's to your success!

#78 Continuous Learning - Motor Learning: Learn By Doing

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Taking action is one of the core values of Think Right. Right action founded on right thinking will get you right results. Sometimes however, we can be paralysed into inactivity by not being sure of the best route, or for fear of doing the wrong thing.