#167 Measuring Success - Time

Do you need to get more done? In this Learning BITES, Mike shares a story about how one young man managed to get more done by applying a simple technique to use his time more efficiently. Watch, learn, and apply! Here's to your success!

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#166 Measuring Success - In Sales

Is the work you're doing getting you the results you want? Are you able to break down your sales process to effectively refine those results? Listen through this video, check where your gaps are and what actions you can take to close those gaps to get the results you're seeking. Here's to your success!

#165 Measuring Success - Your Mindset

What you measure, you can use as a starting point to take action on. What measure do you use to evaluate your success? Take a few minutes of personal reflection to check in how you are traveling the road to your personal definition of success. Make it a great day!

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#164 Team & Culture Dynamics - Year End Productivity

What is the one thing you will do at this financial year end? Ensuring the year ahead is better for everyone in the team begins with one clear action. Extra short because we are all busy, Mike shares his tip for making the most of this time of year.

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#163 Team & Culture Dynamics - Generating Leads

How do you get your website used more? Are your team using the tools your business has available to generate leads? Watch, find the gaps where you could be doing more and take action! If you need any help, please get in touch. Here's to your success!

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#162 Team & Culture Dynamics - Delegation

What do you need to delegate? Do you know how to? Mike Clark shares tips of managing delegation to grow your team and get the best from your business. Here's to your success! Wistia link here

#161 Team & Culture Dynamics - Families in Business

Are you part of a family-run business? How do you manage the dynamic of family at work? Family-run businesses are part of the economic backbone of New Zealand, and the development of strong culture is a critical path to their continuity. Whether you're in one or you work with one, this snippet of info could be useful in adding value to that relationship. Here's to your success!

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#160 Team & Culture Dynamics - Lifting Performance

Do all your team members operate at a high performance level? Could you be doing more to help them get more done? Watch this Learning BITES and see what you could action to lift the performance of your team. As always, do get in touch if you need any help with this - it's one of our areas of expertise and we love helping businesses to achieve greater things from their people. Here's to your success!
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#159 POD - Know Your Pain Points

Why would your customers leave your competition and come to you? How are you educating them? If you stand head and shoulders above the competition in product, performance and service and yet you have people choosing an inferior product above yours, this could be the video that you need to watch and action. Here's to your success!
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#158 Making Your POD Meaningful

Are you the only one in the market with your unique product? Is your POD the compelling fulfillment of your client's need? Two simple checks on getting the message across to your potential client base may make a difference in your marketing.

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#157 POD - Apples for Apples

How do you stand out in a market where you are selling identical products to your competition? Mike shares how to use your POD (Point of Difference, aka Unique Selling Point) to meet your customers' needs and become the provider of choice. Here's to your success!
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#156 POD - Where Is Your Greatest Value?

What is the ultimate POD, something which is available to all businesses who choose to take advantage of it? A post-script from our inspiration video a couple of weeks back with a little more detail. Here's to your success!
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#155 Value - Values

How can you practically use your business values to engage your team, increase productivity and lift your game? Mike shares on the value of values - watch, listen, identify your action points and head back into your week with a refreshed focus. Here's to your success!

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#154 Value - Vision

What drives you? How does your role contribute to a greater purpose? When your people know the part they have in the vision of your company, it helps them to bring their greatest value to their roles. Watch, take action, and here's to a great year!

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#153 Value - Meet the Need

How does your business add value? Let’s start off the New Year with a success story and an invitation! Watch, get in touch, and let’s make this an exceptional year together!

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#152 Connections - Teams

Have you thanked your team members? Positive connections make all the difference to good relationships. Extra short as we are all busy at this time of year, Mike prioritises taking the time to fit in appreciation for the people who keep your business profitable. Here's to your success!

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#151 Connections - Sales

Have you prioritised what relationships you will make deliberate connections with at this time of year? Take a couple of minutes to remind yourself of the importance of working on connections. Let's make it a great week!

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#150 Connections - Your Mindset

What important connections will you be making this month? This time of year has us connecting with many people and we need to ensure that we remain diligent around ensuring every interaction adds value as this will enhance our future relationships. Are you bringing your best self to all the connections you will make as we wind up this year?

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#149 REFINE - Your Marketing

How do you know you’re spending your marketing dollars in the right places? Do you know the source of your leads? Watch this learning BITES clip and see where you can refine your process and get better returns on your investment of marketing budget.  Here’s to your success!

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#148 REFINE - Your Team

Who invested in you so that you could get to the place you are today? When people are invested in, they give their very best, and Mike uses this Learning BITES to share how you can grow your people, your team and your business. Here's to your success!

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