Director, Strategic Facilitator, Trainer and Motivational Speaker


Mike Clark is an exceptional trainer.  Having experienced, worked in and with a huge range of business roles and focuses, Mike has an intuitive understanding for what needs doing in a business to move it forward.  His love of people and his perceptive ability to enable them to see what they can do to lift their game, gives him a definitive edge when training, whether in-house tailoring to the unique challenges each business faces, or in a general training role.  

Mike is always working to expand his knowledge and experience and has an absolute love of learning. When working with people and businesses, his diverse experience and relentless focus on taking action has given him opportunity to present around the world. With an emphasis on being intentional towards empowering people to become exceptional, the programmes Mike has written and presented have connected across industries, age groups, roles and cultures.

Business people of all ages and roles relate well to Mike's underlying message of resilience and action, responding positively to his recommendations and learning from experience that has them moving forward refocused, more effective and smarter.  Call today  or contact us now and start the journey!