Mindset3 Approach to Sales

This unique approach to selling maximises the psychology of the buyer, seller and leverages the potential of referrals.  The better you understand yourself, the better you can understand your clients and how you can best serve them. Done well, this creates an experience worth talking about and increases referrals.

The process and techniques taught reflect the current trends, where technology demands more integration between the sales and marketing process, and sales people skill set has more demands for sales reps who aim to set themselves up as trusted “go-to” person.

Why should people do it?

People’s expectations are ever increasing and the accessibility of information means people are more educated when they approach you and expect you to know more than they were able to research. In this digitally interconnected world, sales is more than ever affected by technology, internet and power of social media. Your LinkedIn profile, Facebook presence, star ratings, online reviews, extended social media presence potentially all impact your sales process. The access to your competition and alternative solutions at the click of the button means that sales reps who do not maximise the opportunities they have to sell will not be around for long.

Leads generation, sales, and referrals need not be left to chance. With a winning, success mindset and the right techniques and tools, sales can be incredibly rewarding as you guide people towards what they want and need. Through our unique process you can create a process built on trust, relationship and credibility that will bring people back and get them recommending you, your business and your offering.


Sales professionals wanting to refine, develop and grow their sales presence, effectiveness and results.


$2500 per person

$2000/person if 2 people from same organisation attend

$10,000 delivered in-house

Training Outcomes

Increase personal awareness and confidence

Learn how to identify limiting factors, like fear of rejection, and overcome them

Learn to read, understand and work with other peoples and your personality

Learn how to do client qualification as a key to quota busting

Learn about buyer motivators and the psychology of selling

Set and manage expectations throughout the process

Understand what the customer wants and how to fully engage them

Have clear purpose with every client interaction

Open every interaction with confidence

Be clear on your buying process, checking that it is robust to ensure you maximise all opportunities

Find out where the client is in the buying process

Engage well with core question structure through the whole process

Learn how to Always Be Closing

Objection and push back handling

Learn how to build a cross selling web for each of your products

Increase your conversion and strike rate

Learn how to ask for, and structure, great referrals

Understand the key elements of digital marketing and create a personal brand strategy

Work with Marketing and other business team units

Discover keys to “Make it easy”

Practical Time management

Course Structure

Structured to enhance learning and application, the format is designed in line with international training best practise.

Day 1 – Face to Face training highly interactive and action focused on skills with 30 day plan created

Webinar 1 – Review of key learning, discussion of actions implemented with Q&A

Webinar 2 – 5 keys of personal brand and applying them on and off line with case study review

Webinar 3 - Digital tools - Updates on best practice and options for you to consider

Day 2 – Face to face training highly interactive and action focused including setting of 90 day plan