Developing Team Culture

Designed for Business owners and top level Managers, this course will challenge your 'status quo' and equip you with the skills to communicate in a way that engages your entire team and empowers them to deliver their best towards achieving company goals
Half day training designed as workshop and suitable for in-house


Business owners will have a clearer understanding of how easily clear messages and goals are miscommunicated and will have clear action steps to address the Worst 5 miscommunication errors. 
Managers will be equipped with strategies to motivate team members and keep them inspired and engaged. 
The communication assumptions in the company will be exposed and solid best practise methods shared as a potential solution  


Engage Your Teams To Deliver Results. When every team member knows that their brand, company, product, service stands for something, it imbibes a culture creating a pride in what you do. In who you are. In what you deliver. When we stand out, we stand for something. When we stand for something, we have something to defend. We have something that defines every action. It is a checkpoint - “Does this action/statement/thought align with who we claim we are?”

Contact us to make a plan for developing this kind of culture in your team.

Your Investment

Time: 4 hour session
Dollars:  $2000

Businesses choosing to invest in training with this course may qualify for an up to 50% subsidy with NZT&E funding.  Get in touch to see if you qualify.