The 7 Fundamentals of Sales

7 Fundamentals of Sales

If you need an understanding of the sales process and how to make the most of it, then this course is for you.  Covering the seven key elements of sales which include understanding your customer and what drives them, engaging these customers and guiding them through your buying process.  Additionally, discover how to ask intelligent questions, handle objections, cross-sell, up-sell and close with confidence. 

7 Fundamentals of Sales

1) Understanding the customer and their the 4 key drivers
2) Engaging customers quickly and effectively - Including what to say and what not to say and understanding impact of body language; tone and words in communication
3) Understanding the buying process - take your customer on a journey they will want to come back to experience again (including benefit selling) 
4) Asking intelligent questions - the 7 fundamentals of questioning
5) Objection handling - understanding and managing objections for the best outcome
6) Cross selling and up selling - don't leave money on the table
7) Closing with confidence

At the end of the training attendees will have a clear understanding of the sales process and how to be effective at each stage. They will be equipped with techniques and strategies to engage customers and effectively assist customers to get what they need. 

Half day/4 hour course

Full day/8 hour course