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Motivational Team Building Day ▼

  • Team Mindset
  • Personality Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Culture
  • Team Communication
  • Team Building

    8 hours | $4000

Teams Through Change ▼

  • Business Strategy (VVM)
  • Teams Through Change
  • Feedback Loops
  • Team Leadership

    4 hours | $2000

    8 hours | $4000

Communication & Leadership ▼

  • Team Communication
  • Team Leadership
  • Team Management
  • Role Clarity & Team Ownership
  • Action Plans through Teamwork

    8 hours | $4000

Emotionally Intelligent Individuals, Teams & Workplaces ▼

  • Personality Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Communication
  • Action Plans through Teamwork

    8 hours | $4000

Engage Your Team to Deliver Results ▼

  • Team Communication
  • Team Building
  • Team Development

    4 hours | $2000

Train the Trainer ▼

  • Team Mindset
  • Role Clarity & Team Ownership
  • Train the Trainer
  • Feedback

    8 hours | $4000

Bridge to Success Programme ▼

Inspired by the DaVinci Bridge, this programme ensures all 15 key elements, involved in optimal team management and output, are integrated into your company culture.

  • Comprising 3 key stages, - Base, Connecting and Supporting Parts
  • Ensure you have all 15 key elements in place for ongoing success
  • Delivered in a mix of face-to-face and online sessions
  • Totalling three full days of training, the programme is split, as agreed depending on location in NZ, into no more than 8 individual sessions spanning 3 months
  • Action-based, reinforcing and building on current knowledge and skills.

    Time Investment: 3 full days, split as agreed depending on location within NZ | $10,500

More Information

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Create Your Own Course Specific to Your Team's Needs

Pick and Choose from the Modules Below


Team Mindset.jpg

Team Mindset

Mindset is the key to understanding, motivation, engagement and ultimately, productivity of your team.  Starting with the individual, we work through to defining & setting a mindset for success.

Team Building.jpg

Team Building


Bringing team members together to help them understand each other and align towards a common purpose is an effective way to build a team.  This fun and intensive module also covers how to keep the team bonded closely together and maintaining a positive forward momentum.

Team Leadership.jpg

Team Leadership

Leaders determine the output of the team by their ability to draw the best from individuals.  This module explores the 8 essentials required to lead a team.

Team Management.jpg

Team Management

You can only manage what you can measure and this module looks at the clarity with which you communicate and measure your processes and work with your team to achieving set goals towards meeting your desired outcomes.

Team Culture.jpg

Team Culture

Your internal culture determines your external customer experience.  Learn how to create a culture that is appealing to all stakeholders, encouraging people to thrive and for your business to be a magnet to potential clients, suppliers and team members.

Team Communication.jpg

Team Communication

 Effective communication has the potential to radically transform any organisation and positively impact entire teams.  Learn where your organisation could benefit from improving communication channels, structure, process. 

Team Development.jpg

Team Development

You can only grow a business to the level you can grow the team.  This module explores the best tools for ensuring you develop your team to become all they can be.

Personality Profiling.jpg

Personality Profiling

Understanding yourself and other people can help you get along more productively and more enjoyably.  This module explores personality profiling and shows you how to use the results you get to create a harmonious and productive work environment.

Emotional Intelligence.jpg

Emotional Intelligence

Self awareness and self management lead to personal improvement.  You can only change yourself, not other people, and this module shows how to manage the personal “buttons” that you might have, enabling you to develop empathy and heighten your social skills

Role Clarity and Team Ownership, Accountability and Responsability.jpg

Role Clarity + Team Ownership, Accountability and Reliability

Having teams aligned and working towards a common goal allows you to reap the Rewards Of Work.  This module explores how to help team members have Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility in their roles.

Customer Care.jpg

Customer Care

Organisations exist to serve customers.  Creating a focus in culture around customer care enables you to stand out in the customer’s mind and leads to greater loyalty and retention.

Internal Customer Care.jpg

Internal Customer Care

Creating a sales mindset so that all team members understand their role in serving the external customer is best done by getting team members to understand their role as an internal customer and supplier.

Teams through change.jpg

Teams Through Change

All teams go through 4 key stages whenever a new team member joins them or one leaves.  Learning what these are, how to accept and manage them can reduce stress and tension and help integrate new team members quicker.

Dealing with difficult customers.jpg

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of an organisation and sometimes, for reasons justified or otherwise, they can become difficult to manage.  Learning how to manage customers well reduces stress and increases customer loyalty.

Action Plans Through Teamwork.jpg

Action Plans Through Teamwork

While planning is vital for any organisation to succeed, it is the execution of the plan that makes it effective.  This module explores ways to develop an action orientated culture in your organisation.

Feedback Loops.jpg

Feedback Loops

Feedback is the food of champions and creating effective feedback loops can help organisations to accelerate their progress.  Effective feedback also improves team morale and company culture.

Managing and Leading Different Generations.jpg

Managing and Leading
Different Generations

The rapid change brought on by technology in the world has seen a widening gap in world views between different generations.  This course explores what they are and how you can effectively manage as teams get more diverse.

Train the trainer.jpg

Train the Trainer

Using internal people to train team members is an incredibly effective way to up-skill team members, create a culture of learning and ensure that training is applied.  This module covers the skills required to be an effective internal trainer.

Managing Conflict.jpg

Managing Conflict

Conflict can drain the energy of a team and poison a culture if not managed and handled well.  This course covers 8 steps around how to effectively manage conflict.



 Delegation is an excellent way to increase the time available in a team by ensuring appropriate team members are doing the tasks they are best suited to do.  Done effectively, delegation can be part of training and upskilling team members. Learn the 6 steps of delegation.

Team Strategy

Team Strategy

-          Creating a clear picture of your destination with a map to help you get there, this session starts with Values, defines your Vision and develops your Mission Strategic Objectives and the actions required to achieve them. This 3 part session starts with

-          Values – Consciously or subconsciously, our values determine our decisions, priorities and actions.  These can align a team and they set the culture.

-          Vision – Being clear on where the business is headed and why provides motivation and drive and gives purpose to people’s work.

-          Mission – Being clear on what activities you will pursue to achieve your vision helps to find your marketplace position, your target clients and helps set your strategic objectives.

Time Management.jpg

Time Management

You cannot manage time. However you can manage yourself in the time you have available and this module explores some of the most effective methods of increasing your focus, activity and productivity. 


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Tailor Made for You, Your Team and Your Needs

Every team is unique. Do you need a unique solution for you and your team? We can make a course that is tailor made specific to your needs and backed by our triple guarantee. 

Bridge to Success Programme

Inspired by the DaVinci Bridge, this programme ensures all 15 key elements, involved in optimal team management and output, are integrated into your company culture. Comprising 3 key stages: Base, Connecting and Supporting Parts - this in-depth programme will ensure you have all the key parts in place for ongoing success. These are delivered in a mix of face-to- face and online sessions which total three full days of training split, as agreed, into no more than 8 individual sessions spanning 3 months to action, reinforce and build on current knowledge and skills.

Stage 1- Base ▼

  • Reason for Being - Values, Vision & Mission
  • Supporting Culture
  • Team Personality and Emotional Intelligence
  • Role clarity – Who does what and why - Job Description (role requirements)
  • Unity in action - Agreement/Buy-in (Willingness)
  • Goals and key objectives – Team Development Plan

Stage 2- Connecting ▼

  • Communication and support - Key Role Analysis Up/Down
  • Sustainability through depth - Skills Matrix
  • Individual & Team Development Plan (Templated to ascertain where businesses/individuals are at and where they need to improve)
  • Continuity strategy - Train the trainer (cascade & internal training)
  • Game plan clarity - Process and Systems

Stage 3- Supporting ▼

  • Leadership - Key elements for leading roles
  • Personal and Team growth – Future proofing growth through development
  • Performance Reviews/Appraisals systems and culture (no surprises)
  • Leadership & Management review sessions

Time Investment: 3 full days split as agreed depending on location within NZ | $10,500