Sales SOS Success Outcome Strategies


Business   $1000 for 7-9 people

Business Option
Up to 3 x Additional 1 hour Support Webinars @$500 per webinar

Individuals $150 per person

** An NZT&E Registered Version of this course is available. Contact us to find out if you qualify for an up to 50% subsidy.

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Sales S.O.S

Simple Steps to Help You Develop Your Success Outcome Strategies

This blended learning workshop series is ideally suited to sales managers, regional sales team member who need to sell as part of their technical role as well as business owners who find themselves having to sell as part of their role.

** An NZT&E Registered Version of this course is available.
Contact us to find out if you qualify

Introduction Overview Sales SOS


Sales SOS (Success Outcome Strategies) is a course spread over six weeks. Each week has a main focus that is broken down into short daily clips covering one key point per day. These 3-9 minute videos are paired with a workbook that follows and complements the daily videos.

Success Outcome Strategies is supported by live on-line training/webinars where participants will be expected to bring summary of learning and additional questions to the fortnightly live online training. The course, structured with the daily clips, workbook and live webinars, is designed so that you and your team can apply what you learn, ask questions as you go and through the programme tracking ensure you have the support to stay on track to the completion of this course.

Week One

 An Introductory Webinar will be arranged prior to Week One to set expectations and ascertain what the team is looking to achieve as a result of the investment in training them. This Webinar also allows attendees to meet the presenter and connect with other participants. 

Week One - Sales success mindset 

  • It is all in your mind 
  • Know thyself – the art of self-improvement 
  • Winning on the inside – always be on form 
  • You are the message 
  • Know your game – know your numbers
Week Two

Week Two - Understanding customers 

  • Know your customers 
  • Understanding sales drivers 
  • Know your product offering 
  • Know your sales process 
  • Know your competition 
  • Webinar 
Week Three

Week 3 - Managing success 

  • Why should I choose you? 
  • KPA’s & KPI’s importance of key measures 
  • Using figures to motivate and drive yourself 
  • Maximise your time 
  • Use your tools 
  • CRM; cell; tablet; cloud; systems
Week Four

Week Four- Core skills: Equipping for Success (Part 1) 

  • Researching customers 
  • Power of rapport 
  • Indispensable skill of listening 
  • The power of product knowledge 
  • Questions hold the answer & start the close 
  • Webinar
Week Five

Week 5 - Core skills: Equipping for Success (Part 2) 

  • Objection handling with style, grace & understanding 
  • Benefits – show why your features matter to me 
  • Manage your pipeline – always follow up 
  • Close! Always close! Always be closing! 
  • Give more. Get more. Cross sell & up sell 
Week Six

Week 6 - Strengthening ongoing relationships/account management 

  • Follow up first – make it part of the process 
  • Testimonials 
  • Case studies