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Sales Mindset.jpg

Sales Mindset

Your attitude towards sales, your belief & confidence in what you are selling.

Sales Process and numbers.jpg

Sales Process and Numbers

 Sales is a process.  You need to understand the process, the steps, the time and the ratios in order to manage it effectively

Understnading the buying process.jpg

Understanding the Buying Process

Customers go through a process before they decide to buy.  It is important to understand where they are, in their buying process and meet them there, if you want to be effective in selling.

Understanding Customers.jpg

Understanding Customers

We research logically and purchase emotionally.  The better we can understand our customers, the better we can serve them.  Discover who you are best set up to serve.

Key sales drivers.jpg

Key Sales Drivers

Different people have different considerations and pressures when it comes to purchasing your product or service.  The better you understand these key sales drivers, the smoother you can make the sales journey.

Features, Advantages and Benefits of Your Product.jpg

Features, Advantages and Benefits of Your Product

People do not buy what you sell.  People buy what it does for them.  Learn how to turn your features into advantages that the customers recognises as such a benefit that it will help them to buy.

Understanding Your Competition.jpg

Understanding Your Competition

A golden rule of sales is to never bag your competition.  It does help to know their offerings, their strengths and their weaknesses.  Smart competitor analysis can give you an edge in the market.

Understanding Your POD and Competitive Advantage.jpg

Understanding Your POD and Competitive Advantage

It is vitally important for a business to e able to answer the question “Why should I choose you?” This session breaks the answer down into simple, easy to remember steps that you can apply to increase sales and customer loyalty, referrals and customer loyalty.

KPAs and KPIs - The Importance of Key Measures.jpg

KPAs and KPIs - The Importance of Key Measures

You can only manage what you measure.  With time having so many pressures on it these days, knowing what is important and what is effective in our activities can make the difference between a good sales rep and a great one.

Sales Management.jpg

Sales Management

Sales is often the most expensive part of marketing with the potential to also be the most effective.  Great sales management brings the best out of a team and creates an amazing customer experience.

Planning for sales trips.jpg

Planning for Sales Trips

The role of sales has many distractions, demands and required activities within a standard day.  Learning to manage your priorities, focus and activities within the time you have can double your sales.

Value of CRM and Other Sales Tools.jpg

Value of CRM and Other Sales Tools

 Information is only as good as the action you take as a result of having it.  Being clear on what to capture, and how to use this information can improve the customer experience, internal communications and have a huge impact on sales. 

Engaging Customers Quickly and Effectively in Face to Face Sales.jpg

Engaging Customers Quickly and Effectively in Face to Face Sales

Learn how to plan, manage and guide conversations to help clients get what they want and need by being well prepared, building rapport, asking questions and guiding conversation. 

The Power of Questions and the Skill of Listening.jpg

The Power of Questions and the Skill of Listening

Whoever asks the questions is in control of the conversation.  This session teaches you how to ask empowering and intelligent questions that allow you to control a conversation and steer discussion to ensure a customer feels heard and gets what they need.

Managing Objections.jpg

Managing Objections

Objections are a normal part of the sales process.  Learn how to use them to understand the customer more and help them to get what they need by building confidence in you, your company and your product/service.

Relationship Building and Adding Value to Clients.jpg

Relationship Building and Adding Value to Clients

Many businesses rely on more than a one-off transaction with the client and this requires building client relationships.  This session shows you how to avoid being a rep who just “touches base” and how to actually add value with each and every client interaction

Sales Cohesion - Getting Sales and Marketing to Work Together.jpg

Sales Cohesion - Getting Sales and Marketing to Work Together

Successful businesses are sales focused, knowing that without sales you do not have a business. Marketing is everything you do in your business that creates the opportunities for sales.  This session shows how to have both units working cohesively towards a common goal.

Closing the Sale.jpg

Closing the Sale

The “close” is merely a step in the sales process.  This session explores how to do that step well without allowing it to become the main focus of your interaction.  Closing with confidence builds relationships and ongoing business through referrals and testimonials.

Cross Sell and Up Sell.jpg

Cross Sell and Up Sell

Cross selling and up-selling presents the simple quickest way to increase sales by selling to people who know you, trust you and already buy from you.  By using a cross sell matrix, we explore what you can sell, to whom and how.

Followups, testimonials & case studies.jpg

Followups, Testimonials & case Studies

One of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impact and grow future business is to structure your sales process to ensure you do follow-ups, collect testimonials and develop case studies.  In this session we explore how this is best done and how you can leverage off your greatest advocates.

Client Management Plan.jpg

Client Management Plan

Not all clients are equal.  Know which clients mean more to your business and develop a plan on how to treat them according to the impact and/or the potential impact they have.  Done well, this builds client loyalty and retention, increasing the lifetime value of a client.

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