Sales Home

This blended learning workshop series includes six weeks of daily online learning combined with exercises from a workbook. These bite-sized lessons are intended to be implemented on-the-job on a daily basis.

For those needing an understanding of the sales process and how to make the most of it. Covering the seven key elements of sales including understanding your customer and what drives them, engaging these customers and guiding them through your buying process.  Learn how to ask intelligent questions, handle objections, cross-sell, up-sell and close with confidence.

 In this digitally interconnected world, sales is more than ever affected by technology, internet and power of social media. Leads generation, sales, and referrals need not be left to chance. Through our unique process you can create a process built on trust, relationship and credibility that will bring people back and get them recommending you, your business and your offering.

30 day intensive programme begins and ends with a full day of highly interactive & action focused training, with weekly 90 minutes webinars between.  Create an inital 30-day plan, culminating in a 90-day plan with specific training on key action implementation, personal brand and digital tools.


At Thinkright we are so confident of our effectiveness for your investment that we offer our triple guarantee. 

1. We guarantee training will be relevant and engaging
2. We guarantee you will be able to take effective action as a result of your training
3. We guarantee that you will be able to double your investment in any training you do with us when you implement the action points recommended.