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5 Elements of Marketing ▼

  • Understanding Marketing
  • Target Customer Profiling
  • Understanding your POD & Competitive Advantage
  • Routes to Market
  • Marketing Plan

    4 hour course | $2000

This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

Understanding, Planning & Actioning Marketing Plan Programme ▼

3 full day sessions split over time period to suit client, maximum 8 weeks. Create and implement action steps
Building on learning and strategies created through training

  • Day 1 – Understanding Marketing
  • Day 2 – Implementing Marketing
  • Day 3 – Analysis and Improvement

    Time Investment: 3 full days split as agreed depending on location within NZ | $10,500

This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

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Maximising benefits of Field Days, Expos, Trade Fairs and Conferences ▼

Trade fairs and expos often require a huge upfront investment, promising in return exposure to many potential clients. If you are looking to maximise your return on investment from attending these events then this course is for you as we explore how to prepare before an event, what to do during an event and how to effectively follow up after an event.

Refine current plan and update - 4 hour course | $2000
Full day workshop - 8 hour course | $4000

This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

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Create Your Own Course
Specific to Your Team's Needs

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Marketing MIndset.jpg

Marketing Mindset

Getting inside the mind of your customer and your team is vital to ensuring your marketing is effective.  People research logically and purchase emotionally and marketing needs to appeal to the emotions

Understanding Customers.jpg

Understanding Customers

We research logically and purchase emotionally.  The better we can understand our customers, the better we can serve them.  Discover who you are best set up to serve.

Customer Care.jpg

Customer Care

Organisations exist to serve customers.  Creating a focus in culture around customer care enables you to stand out in the customer’s mind and leads to greater loyalty and retention.

Key Sales Drivers.jpg

Key Sales Drivers

 Different people have different considerations and pressures when it comes to purchasing your product or service.  The better you understand these key sales drivers, the smoother you can make the sales journey.

Defining Your Offer and Its Value.jpg

Defining Your Offer and Its Value

With so many choices these days, it is becoming increasingly important to be clear on what you offer and why the customer would want it.  Using models like AIDA we explore how to be clear on what you offer.



Your brand is your promise.  Be clear on who you say you are and make sure your message sticks.

Understanding Marketing.jpg

Understanding Marketing

Marketing is everything you do in your business.  We explore why this matters and how you can develop cohesion in the messages you give.

Understanding Your POD and Competitive Advantage.jpg

Understanding Your POD and Competitive Advantage

It is vitally important for a business to be able to answer the question “Why should I choose you?” This session breaks the answer down into simple, easy to remember steps that you can apply to increase sales and customer loyalty, referrals and customer loyalty.

Understanding Your Competition and Competitor Analysis.jpg

Understanding Your Competition and Competitor Analysis

A golden rule of sales is to never bag your competition.  It does help to know their offerings, their strengths and their weaknesses.  Smart competitor analysis can give you an edge in the market

Digital Marketing.jpg

Digital Marketing

Technology is an intimate part of our lives, from mobile devices to the internet of things.  We explore the options you have to use this platform to share your message.

Social Media Marketing.jpg

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is ideal for niche marketing and its inexpensive and effective nature can make it a powerful tool for business.

Internal Customer Care.jpg

Internal Customer Care

Creating a sales mindset so that all team members understand their role in serving the external customer is best done by getting team members to understand their role as an internal customer and supplier.

Internal Marketing.jpg

Internal Marketing

Your internal culture determines the external customer experience.  Ensuring the message delivered internally complements and supports your external message is key to success.

Value of CRM and Other Sales Tools.jpg

Value of CRM and Other Sales Tools

 Information is only as good as the action you take as a result of having it.  Being clear on what to capture, and how to use this information can improve the customer experience, internal communications and have a huge impact on sales. 

Client Management Plan.jpg

Client Management Plan

Not all clients are equal.  Know which clients mean more to your business and develop a plan on how to treat them according to the impact and/or the potential impact they have.  Done well, this builds client loyalty and retention, increasing the lifetime value of a client.

Marketing Plan.jpg

Marketing Plan

Having a plan helps save time and resources and makes delivering an effective message consistently to market a lot easier. Create your plan for the year ahead.

Market Analysis.jpg

Marketing Analysis

Understanding your market allows you to intelligently allocate resources.  We look at various tools to help analyse marketplaces.



Connecting face to face can be an incredibly effective method of marketing when done well.  We explore how to prepare for the event, optimise the time at the event and followup after the event.

Route To market.jpg

Route to Marketing

Understanding your best route to market can save time and help you to be far more effective with your marketing time and spend.  We explore various routes to market and look at how to optimise them.

Trade Shows, Expos and Events.jpg

Trade Shows, Expos and Events

Large events require a considerable investment. To ensure an ROI, it is vital to plan effectively before during and after the event.  Our template equips you to do this well.

Website Essentials.jpg

Website Essentials

Knowing why you have a website and what success looks like from your website helps audit your website to find areas for improvement.

Target Customer Profiling.jpg

Target Customer Profiling

Knowing who you are best set up to serve allows you to speak directly to them in all your marketing.  We help define who your ideal client is and how to reach them.

Measuring Marketing.jpg

Measuring Marketing

You can only manage what you measure.  We explore various ways of measuring your marketing’s effectiveness to allow you to allocate resources appropriately.

Client Retention.jpg

Client Retention

Keeping clients is cheaper than finding new ones.  We explore effective way to increase your client retention.

Referral Marketing.jpg

Referral Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is often considered the most effective marketing.  We explore how to do this well to leverage off your current relationships.

Follow ups, testimonials and case studies.jpg

Followups, Testimonials and Case studies

One of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impact and grow future business is to structure your sales process to ensure you do followups, collect testimonials and develop case studies.  In this session we explore how this is best done and how you can leverage off your greatest advocates

Marketing Strategy.jpg

Marketing Strategy

Understanding the key drivers in your business and building a strategy around these creates high quality leads that leads to sales.

Marketing Cohesion.jpg

Marketing Cohesion

Getting Sales & Marketing to work together - successful businesses are sales focused, knowing that without sales you do not have a business. Marketing is everything you do in your business that creates the opportunities for sales.  This session shows how to  have both units working cohesively towards a common goal.

Joint Ventures.jpg

Joint Ventures

Working with people who talk to the same market as you do, selling different products can double your reach and halve your investment, if done well.  We explore how to do this and what to watch for.


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Tailor Made for You, Your Team and Your Needs

Every team is unique. Do you need a unique solution for you and your team? We can create a marketing course that is tailor made specific to your needs and backed by our triple guarantee. 

Marketing – Understanding, Planning & Actioning Marketing Plan Programme

The training is made up of 3 full day sessions delivered over 3 split days, initially spaced two weeks apart and then 4-6 weeks later. The intention is to ensure action steps have been implemented and to build on learning and strategies created during the training. 

This training is ideally suited for management teams who need to understand how marketing fits into the business strategy and want to create a plan to effectively deliver the and develop routes to market. 

Day One covers Understanding Marketing - including Target customer profiling, prospecting, POD/USP, positioning, routes to market, understanding oneself and the customer. We discuss the sales process and how to measure and manage it (KPI's) and additionally we explore grading customers and through this process the client creates a marketing plan to target customers according to their importance to the business. 

Day Two is delivered a fortnight later and follows up on the training. As well as allowing for discussion and review we also focus on KPI's, partnering with key accounts, adding value at every point of contact, increasing the value of each sale opportunity, referral marketing and testimonials. This develops additional KPI's and process to overlay and compliment those previously developed and in use. 

Day Three is focused on the review and longer-term sales and marketing strategy to ensure sustainability of activity and increase in sales in line with the growth plans of the company. 

This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

Maximising benefits of Field Days, Expos, Trade Fairs and Conferences

This workshop is for companies that want to maximise the results of their next Field Days, Expos, Trade Fairs, Conferences and Conventions. All of these events require a significant investment of resources to plan, prepare, set-up, run, pack down and follow up. Many organisations waste tens of thousands of dollars every year through poor planning, preparation and execution of these valuable marketing opportunities.

The training is structured in 3 parts. This is done around an in-depth template that participants fill in as they learn the core elements of maximising success at major events. The concept is to develop a "timeline ruler" that can be overlaid over all future events.

"Before the event" Session

This covers the 6-12 months before an event and includes:

Purpose for attending - how does it align with company business and marketing plan
Goals/ideal outcomes that the event's success will be measured by - setting the ROI
How will you market you attendance and leverage off the event
How to use the AIDA approach in planning to be outstanding
Booking preparations
What giveaways will occur, if any, and how will information be collected The magic "Box Of Everything"
Layout to optimise flow (U, C, S, O, loop flow)
Ensuring the operation team is well aligned and coordinated and ready
Ensuring the team are booked, trained, ready and prepared for the day.

"During the event" Session

This includes:

Being prepared for a day on your feet, talking and securing clients
Stand etiquette
Display and interacting with passing traffic
How to greet and capture interest and client information
A/B testing
Debriefing to learn and improve Ideal questions to engage and find additional information
Qualifying leads
Competitor analysis

"After the event" Session

This is the one area most companies fall down on when investing in events. This section covers:
How to follow up
How to connect over appropriate social media
The 5 points of contacts
How long a "lead" is 'live' for and how to keep pursuing it
The debrief and tweak of plan and template

The workshop can be done over a half day for an investment of $2000 + GST - This is recommended for people wishing to refine their current approach and plan.

The full workshop is delivered over a full day and the investment is $4000 + GST

There is an option to have Mike train staff on a stand following the training to assist, demonstrate and feedback on the application of skills learnt. The investment is $4000 + GST/day

This Course is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz