#76 Think Right Act Right Get Results - Get Your Message to the Marketplace

Are your customers getting the right messages from your marketing? In this Learning BITES, Mike explores the mindset of marketing that delivers results. Watch, have a look at your marketing, and see what tweaks and changes you can make that will get you the results you are looking for.

#75 Think Right Act Right Get Results - Sustaining Behaviour Change Get results

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If there were only one video you watch and take action on this year, I would recommend this be the one. Mike explores the major way to change behaviour, showing a clear path of understanding in order to create a lasting change.

Think Right Act Right Get Results - Communication Mindset

What is the key to communication?  How well understood are you?   The essential ingredient of all business activity, whether within the team or with your customers, communication is something all businesses need to do well. Mike explores the mindset of communication in this Learning BITES.  Watch for the actions you can implement immediately to improve your communication.

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#73 Think Right Act Right Get Results - How do you see the world?

What shapes your perspective of the world?  Is it your childhood, the place you live, the job you do?  In this Learning BITES, Mike explores the way your own thinking affects your view of the world, and how to use that to change perspective, as a foundation for effecting a positive change to get the results you are aiming for in your life.

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#72 Organisational Mindset - PLAN

How do you ensure that you take action? Do you PLAN to succeed? In this brief clip, Mike explores four steps to making the most of your organisational learning and getting done the things that are most effective for your business. Individually and collectively, these steps lead to success. Watch now!

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#71 Organisational Mindset - Learning Mindset

An organisation can only grow to the level of its people.  Does your organisation strategically grow your people, and hence the organisational mindset?  In this Learning BITES, Mike touches on two key areas of learning and gives you a 3 step plan.  Watch now, and as always, do get in touch for help in your business.

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#70 Organisational Mindset - Lift the Level of Your Team

How do you go about lifting the level of your team?  Do you know how the growth of your people is directly related to the growth of your team?  In this Learning BITES, Mike explores some of the ways you can lift the level of your team and support them in their contribution to your organisational mindset.  As always, do get in touch to talk more about this or other business topics on your mind. 

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#69 Organisational Mindset - Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?

What is the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset?  Why does it matter?  Which one does your organisation have?  Mike addresses these questions in this Learning BITES, with a challenge to your business.  Get in touch if you want to talk more.  Mike@thinkright.co.nz 0272987523

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#68 Organisational Mindset - Introduction

What is organisational mindset?   How does your organisation manage the collective mindsets that make up your business?  In this clip, Mike explores creating a culture which enables your team members to both buy-in and contribute to the mindset of your organisation.  Watch now, and as always do get in touch for help with this topic.

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#67 Sales Confidence - Operate at Your Highest Level

Are you developing practical habits to keep your Confidence Edge? Knowing your confidence knockers is the first step.  Knowing what to do to avoid those things knocking your confidence is a practice developed with time, attention and experience.  Mike shares some of the little things that affect him in his practice of keeping the Confidence Edge.  Challenge yourself to create new habits that build you as a person and in your sales role today.  As always, be in touch for personal input into your unique situation.  Here's to your success!

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#66 Sales Confidence - What else do you need?

In this learning Bites, Mike addresses the specific question, what happens when you go in confident and don't make the sale? Using a multifaceted approach is a proven technique - are you including the elements you need for the success you desire? Get in touch if there's anything we can help you with. Make it a great day!

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#65 Sales Confidence - Grow Your Confidence, Lift Your Sales

Confidence is the fastest transferred human emotion -  knowing your product thoroughly and how it helps people will give you the confidence edge. How does your product knowledge-base contribute to your confidence? Do you regularly apply what you know about products to show your customers the gaps in their knowledge, so that they can then trust that you can supply what they need?  Watch this Learning BITE and take action today!
As always, do get in touch for any help in this area.  Mike@thinkright.co.nz +64272987523

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#64 Sales Confidence - Why Should I Choose You?

Mike shares a story that illustrates what a huge difference knowing why you should be the company of choice can make for your confidence.  For some thought-provoking questions and insightful comments around how to stand out, be unique, and make it matter to your client, invest the time in this powerful little Learning BITES.  As always, be in touch if we can help. mike@thinkright.co.nz

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#63 Sales - Developing Sales Confidence within your Team

How does the way your whole business team works together affect the confidence of your sales people?  Mike explores the way your team operates so that you can ensure that your internal processes support the success of your business.  Watch this Learning BITES clip and as always, take action on what you hear and reap the benefits!

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#62 Sales - Powerful Sales Mindset

What is your number one sales skill?  It does not matter what tips and techniques you get along the way; if you do not believe in yourself and the value that you bring, sales will always be a struggle.  When we do believe in ourselves, we are on the path to sales success.  What do you need to change?

#61 Sales - Sales Confidence

Sometimes you go into a sales meeting invincible, and sometimes you just don't have confidence. Do you know what knocks your sales confidence? And do you know how to address it? Watch this Learning BITES video clip and join the journey in increasing your sales confidence. If you have an issue which is knocking your sales confidence, flick us an email admin@thinkright.co.nz with the subject line SALES CONFIDENCE KNOCKER. We will be spending the next few Learning BITES addressing the main themes of these issues.

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#60 Mindset: Confidence & Self Belief

Where is the greatest buried treasure in the world?  And how can you tap into the potential within yourself to grow the person you want to be?  In this Learning BITES, Mike explores a simple, easy to apply action which you can use to increase your confidence and self belief.  Watch now, and use your most powerful muscle - your mind - to shift yourself into the next gear.
For help with this area, do get in touch.  Mike@thinkright.co.nz

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#59 Mindset: Attitude & Self Talk

How does what you say to yourself affect the life you end up with?  Actively monitoring and altering the words that you use on yourself can have a profound effect on the outcomes of your efforts.  Take a couple of minutes and listen to these life-changing thoughts and questions, and begin to set yourself on a better path - today.  As always, get in touch if you would like to explore this more.  Mike@thinkright.co.nz +64272987523

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#58 Mindset: Self Image & Self Esteem

How do you go from normal to exceptional?  What simple thing do exceptional people do that we could all put into practice in some way?  Today, Mike explores the mindset which sets the level of your self image, self esteem, and ultimately, the value you give to those around you.  Take a few minutes out, and see how you can work on growing that exceptional person that is you! 

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#57 Mindset: Think Right | Act Right | Live Right

What could you do, if you put your mind to it?  Do you know how to put your mind to it? Is there actually a way that you can use the power of your brain to make a difference to the outcome of your goals?  In this series on Mindset, Mike explores the key foundational building block to all success.  Watch now, and take your first step in this amazing journey.

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