Congratulations!  You've begun a journey! 
Let's take the first step by getting to know each other a bit more.

Your company is investing in training you as a person, and we want to work with you to make the most of that opportunity for you.  Your trainer will be Mike Clark, and you'll get to see what kind of person he is by watching the video below.  We are looking forward to meeting you, and to working with you and your team.  Go on, hit play and let's get started!

Now you've met Mike, please complete your personality profile at the 16-Personalities Website here.

If you could then send us your personality profile description by completing the survey below, along with your the top 3-5 ideals you'd like to get out of this training. This is so we can get a complete picture of the individuals who make up your team, and the strengths and composition of the team as a whole.

(FYI - your personality profile description should look something like ESJF-T, or INTP-A):

You will receive a cascade training form when you attend the training, which you will be able to complete and use to share with your team.  If you forgot to take it back to your team, download the one below to help you make the most of your training.

See you at the training - let's make it a great day!