Business Tools

Every business needs tools to help them grow.  At Think Right, our ethos is to add value: we want every business connection we make to be encouraged, strengthened and equipped to give better service, operate better as a team, make more money, and work more efficiently. 

We have a rage of practical tips, advice and tools in form of:

Learning BITES+

Weekly "Learning BITES+" contain a short video clip and blog article with insights you can act on. Sign up or visit our Youtube channel for the complete list of over 100 episodes

Blogs and Shareable Articles in PDF


We were very excited to release our book, Repeat Sales Calls Made Easy: Simple Tips, Ideas and Methods to Make Your Regular Sales Calls a Success. We have more ebooks on the way, watch this space!


We have a video we recommend you watch to get additional insight - follow this link

Whatever area it is that your business needs to grow in, use our tools to springboard your practice to the next level. Your business is unique and these tools are foundational building blocks.  To build beyond them to greater heights specifically tailored to your business, contact Mike now.


Mike is also available to speak at your next event. Mike is a dynamic speaker and included in the Directory of NZ Motivational Speakers - book Mike to speak at your next event