Weekly Team Breakfast

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There are lots of ways of rewarding your team and one of the most popular is to provide food. It is well known that communing together and eating together is a great way to build relationships and to break down barriers with people. In fact, it is so well documented it's a wonder that we don't do it more often!

The downside to providing a weekly breakfast, of course, is that it begins to become expected and viewed as an entitlement rather than a benefit that is gifted. I found that a far more powerful way of engaging people is to get them the breakfast that Ken Blanchard calls the food of Champions. This "Food of Champions" is feedback.

Organisations that have good feedback loops create a culture that is responsive, engaging, innovative and are often viewed in a very admirable light. This is because they achieve extraordinary results, benefiting from the wonders of synergy - where a team is able to produce far more by working together as a cohesive unit striving towards a common goal. 

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is the quote that gave me the inspiration for this blog. When considering how to improve culture, I looked at the companies that I have seen excel and the companies I have seen grow in leaps and bounds. I realised that one of the tools and strategies that they have taken on board was the weekly one on one feedback.

The idea of doing weekly feedback is that it is short direct information that a team member can use to make sure they are on the right track; that they are succeeding and winning in their role and helping the company to win as well. This week's template is designed as a suggested guideline to facilitate and guide your weekly one-to-one conversations, should this be a strategy you want to adopt.

Here's for your success!