We exist to Sell

We exist to sell

It really is very simple. If you want to be in business you need to sell.

Sales is not just a front end exercise performed by the sales team. If you want to succeed, it becomes vital to realise that sales needs to be so much more than just the collection of the order. The customer experience is determined by their first contact, by the ease of paying, by the manufacture/delivery of the product and/or service.

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Does your business have a “Sales Culture”? Are you all focused on ensuring that sales are made and sales targets met? How do you serve the sales team in securing the work that pays your salary?

Sales reps often are viewed as the spoilt ‘brats’ of business - if anyone else did what they did, they would never get away with it! (Sometimes reps deserve this, as they fail to fill in forms correctly, promise delivery dates that are too tight, don’t keep great time management, fail to hand in all their receipts, etc). However until you have been out in the field and done some selling, with the pressure that sales pay the wages, one really should hold comment. I am a big fan of getting people to experience others roles - putting a sales rep in the factory, a factory person answering the front line phones, etc - all this helps people appreciate the pressures and nuances of other team members' roles.

All that said, however, every role exists to serve the customer and deliver what they want and need.

These roles are only put into action once the sale is secured - Sales is the lifeblood and organisations that work to support, encourage and assist their salespeople are the businesses that succeed. What could you do today to help everyone see their role in supporting sales?

Build your company around sales and it will help you to keep focused on the most important element of ongoing success. As always, for help, give us a call. When you and your team are fully focused on the common goal of securing sales, you will find people work together better and the internal dynamic of the team is reflected in the external customer experience.

Have fun, sell lots