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Time is personal. It is yours and you alone decide how you will use it. The word is made up of the personal words “I” and “ME” and, while others might tell you what to do with your time, you choose how much effort you apply.

Want to make the most of your time? You need to own it! Talk with words that show you know you have options and choices; allow your words to clearly show your decisive and deliberate choices. “I get to work” not “I have to work”, I choose to either spend or invest time.  

Central to time is the personal pronoun “I” – lets explore the 3 ways I reflects in time making decisions. There are 86400 seconds is a day. This gift is equally offered to all humans. The use of each precious moment in time determines the abundance or lack of ‘fruit’ for a day.

IRRELEVANT – how much time disappears in this black hole? The trivial, the unimportant, the scrolling of news sites and social media, the ‘deja vu meetings’ where the same discussions go around and no decisions are ever reached, procrastination, task switching, interruptions. The list goes on, taking precious seconds with it - sometime a few at a time and often in great swathes that leave days empty and drought ridden.

IMPORTANT – The area we like to focus in. People pay us to work here. We see fruit from this time that satisfies the moment and the current day. Time spent here appeases our conscience, gets stuff done, moves the dial forward.

IMPACTFUL – Time invested here feeds our soul. There is a deep satisfaction and joy found mining this space. Time here gives life purpose and meaning. We see the fruit. From making time to be with family and enjoying the growing relationship, to time invested in calling clients to find who needs your product and services – we intuitively know this time produces bounty. Not necessarily immediately but inevitably.

What’s planned for today? When we take count of the time that is ours alone to decide, when we review the use and give account to the person in the mirror staring back, will we make a Return On Invested Time?