The "Fun of Rebranding

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“ Be intentional about what you will be remembered for” - Mike Clark

Rebranding is fun when helping other people do it.

Doing it for yourself - not so much!

Brands matter.

Helping clients looking at rebranding is heaps of fun - The very nature of the challenge calls for high energy, fast pace and lazer focus. Sometimes it feels like running through a maze - you begin to get momentum and then hit another dead end as you face “disqualification by association”; names/symbols/colours already used and sometime just a lack of connection with options on the table. By very nature it can go around and around.

Then something connects. A story emerges. A name blossoms. The company name and domain are available. The games is afoot! The next leg holds it’s own challenges - ensuring colours don’t clash with a competitor, the logo is clear; the promise well articulated, etc.

Branding be very nature is designed to be emotive. When you are emotionally removed it is easier to have perspective. Brands are about creating, stirring and building emotions. Brands can, and should be, personified - they connect and develop relationships.

When was the last time you looked at your brand?

We recently went through this process. It was interesting, challenging and one I hope we do not need to do again for a long time. My top ten  lessons learnt are shared below:

It is a process.

Understand the process and then work the process. See this as a journey and realise that you have to put in the milage. Like any journey ensure you have a map and timeline. You won’t stick to it but is helps to guide the way.

Getting outside help makes it easier.

It is simply amazing how long you can put something hard off for. I knew it should be done but until I stopped trying to do it myself we were going nowhere, other than around in circular conversations. I found I had to let Kiri drive this project - I was just too close.

You have to let go of some things

It is amazing just how emotionally attached we become to tag lines and logos. These are not your brand! They are a very visual part of it, but they are not it. In order to have the new we have to let go of the old. We kept the name, wrestled with the tag line a lot and change the logo.

It takes time. - Give it time.

It is hard … because it matters.

Know why you are doing it. We were prompted by several different factors before deciding we needed to change. Knowing ‘why’ gave the momentum to keep going. For us “owning” the ‘Mindset Training’ niche was a key driver as we sought to highlight our POD as a business training company in New Zealand.

You have to be clear

Your brand is a message. What is it saying? The reason our tag line was such a wrestle was that we wanted to say so much! Know what is important - say that. This exercise gave some real clarity as we had to decide what not to choose as well as what we would choose.

You have to connect

Your brand finds it’s humanity first and foremost in you. You have to love it. It will become whatever you make it. Find something you want to ‘grow with’ for the foreseeable future. Feel proud and stand tall when you show it to people. Remember the yellow “M”, the white “Swoosh” the “Bitten Apple” and know that you can make anything great if you believe in it.

You have to accept not everyone will like it

I was quite surprised by how much our team did not like our initial designs. It made us go around in circles and ... we landed right back where we started.

You have to make a decision

I don’t think you will be surprised by this confession - I procrastinated on pushing the “go” button. As much as I train on taking action my deciding moment came when I ran out of business cards. Faced with the decision I went and hunted through everything and scrounged a few more business cards buying myself a couple of weeks, and, then ran out at a networking function! Decision now made - new imaged chosen - cards ordered!

Your brand matters. Be intentional, stand out and stick in the minds of those people who matter. If you are wrestling with the beginning stages and need some help drop us a line.

Here’s to your success