Take This Sales Test

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Test The Team - Product Knowledge 
Ask your sales team to list all the products and services the company offers - most can’t or struggle to remember without prompting.  Next, run their sales figures on which products they sell the most of. No surprises for guessing that most reps fall into the 80/20 rule - 80% of their sales come predominantly from only 20% of the range offered. 

The surprise here for many reps is that their 20% is rarely the same as someone else’s 20%. There is overlap on the popular sellers but each rep has his/her favourite. Get your reps to share with the team why they sell what they sell. What pitch do they use? What features, advantages, benefits (FAB) roll off their tongue? What stories do they have? What has fueled their belief and passion of the product/service? (You want to unpack this because success fuels success.) 

Learn From The Best
Find the rep with the lowest sales of a particular product and get them to be the client with all the objections they have ever heard in relation to the product. Then have the top sales rep sell them this product while the rest of the team watches and learns. 

It is amazing how often you will hear “Oh wow, I did not know that!” “That is such a great story!” “Oh, I never thought about it like that”; etc. 

Knowledge Equipping Strategy
Challenge every team member to learn one new thing every day. Create a game where team members challenge each other with “Tell me something about our offering as a company that I do not know”. Knowledge builds on knowledge. Like pieces of a jigsaw they suddenly come together to reveal a true picture of what you a capable of offering a client. 

Make it a regular section in sales meetings to have team members share/demo/pitch a product to the rest of the team. Invite in suppliers to do the same - many will be delighted you asked and often have very comprehensive training. Video all these training sessions to build a knowledge library.