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Do You Know The Strength Of Your Team?

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Do you know the strength of your team?

Are they fully engaged at work do they bring the best of their abilities everyday?

These are the sorts of questions I get to wrestle through with teams and leaders on a regular basis. This is also the reason why I found and completed Strengthsfinder Coaching training.

It is quite incredible to see the difference in productivity, enjoyment and culture when team members are doing what they do best; when they are working in the area where they find their best flow or as some people like to say in the zone.

Every job has an aspect of it which we don't particularly enjoy. For many of us we will find ourselves procrastinating and doing all we can to avoid getting around to doing that part of the job. Can you relate to this?

If you can, something for you to consider is what happens if your entire job happens to feel like that? How engaged and productive do you think you will be? A great way to know the levels of engagement and productivity your team has, is to listen to the way they talk about the work they do. Do they talk about how they enjoy it? Do they talk about how they find it satisfying and rewarding? Do they use phrases like "I have to go to work." compare to the more positive "I get to go to work"? When people are fully engaged and productive, their output can be significantly increased, as can their loyalty and attitude. If you've never done Strengthsfinder testing before, I recommend that you look into it today. If you need any help in this area, as always, do get in touch.

Here's to your success!