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Strategies To Increase Sales Through Leadership

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Market leadership starts with knowing which market you want to lead. ~ Mike Clark

Is your sales team clear on your strategy?

Is each team member focused?

Do you lead your market niche?

When analysing successful companies, there are many lessons to be learnt. Countless articles are written on leadership styles, culture, vision, values and marketing prowess. Many of these are difficult to duplicate in small to medium businesses. We simply do not have the resources of manpower, budget, market share, brand power, etc. Yet each of these ‘giants’ started small.

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A lesson we can take from their growth story, and continued success, can be summed up in a single word: “Focus” Successful companies get clear on:
Who they are best set up to serve
What they offer
Why people want it & what people are really buying (remember people do not buy what you sell - they buy what it does for them)

Clarity bring focus. One of the best tools to help focus marketing and sales efforts is The Awnsoff Matrix. 


Use the above matrix to decide which strategy will best suit your growth plans and then aim to be the best at what you do in that space. Owning a space requires clarity on what you say “yes” to and saying “no” to a lot of options.

Where will your your company excel? What strategy is best for your team to use with your client base? Would you be best trialling a few options/strategies and seeing which is the most successful?

Chart your path. Travel the course. Check in on progress – Review. Improve. Become the best at what you do for the people you are best set up to serve.