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Tackling Overwhelm

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Getting knocked down in life is a given.  Getting up and moving forward is a choice. - Zig Ziglar

I’ll get that to you in the next couple of days, you tell the customer asking for a quote for the third time that day, your brain secretly whirling at the sheer volume of work that must be ploughed through to get to that number of quotes in your pipeline.  You’ve put the phone down when it rings again, and you see the number of your top client, and know exactly what it is that they will want of you – and you push back a desire to ignore the call as you reach to answer it.

Overwhelm is a very real condition in the business world.  As with all conditions, prevention is easier than cure, but the world we live in doesn’t usually throw its curveballs in regular, anticipated and manageably spaced intervals.  Quite often, they come half a dozen at a time and you’re scrabbling to keep your head above water.  Here are some practical things you can do to tackle overwhelm.

·        Collate. List out all the things you have to do.  Every single one of them.  Even the unimportant important ones.  Get them out of your head and onto a piece of paper, or tablet or however you best do your recording. 

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·        Break it up.  Anything huge on the list, break down into single tasks.  For example, reach my sales goal, happens only one sale at a time, one call or visit.  If the task can be broken down, break it down into manageable pieces.  Book x amount of appointments.  Make the call. 

·        Delegate. Look at your list.  What can you delegate? What can you combine?  What can you cross off or shift to another list because it’s not really an issue at that moment?

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·        Prioritise.  From the tasks that remain, what are the 5 most important things that must be done, in order of most important down to next most important.

·        Process.  Create, refine, and practice a process which completes the task.  Wherever possible, automate, increase efficiency.   

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·        Collaborate.  Talk to the person you report to about your workload and how you can bring it into manageable state.  Get feedback on the roadblocks they see, share your forward plan and invite them to encourage and keep you accountable.

·        Focus.  Get the number one thing done.  Completely, until it’s finished.  Celebrate your success with a moment of satisfaction (I love crossing off the list!)

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·        Move on. Check your list to make sure the priorities are still the same and change if need be.  Get started on the next thing.


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The very process of removing the most important thing on the list by completing it creates an energy to move to the next task.  It’s the sheer volume of “stuff to be done” that creates overwhelm and causes us to become frozen in a whirl of mismanagement.  The momentum of achieving the important and moving on to the next task will help you shift from overwhelm into overcoming.  Don’t stay stuck.  Find a way forward.

Here’s to your success!

Treasure Time

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Time is so abundant and precious. The art is to capture the moments that add the value - Mike Clark

A new month hails the closeness of the middle of the year and with it a reflection on the relentless passing of time. Add to this my sister-in- law’s Dad passing away yesterday and there is little surprise to find me again reflecting on “Time.” Here are 4 TIME thoughts from a pensive point in time.

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Take every moment and cherish it. Savour life. Life is made up of moments worth remembering - the rest is existing, passing time, plodding the treadmill. Tackle those things that rob you. Live with no regrets. Take the risks and live every day knowing that it will pass and, if you have the chance and the choice you can make it a day worth living.

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Immerse yourself in the moment. Live in the now. It is no coincidence that now is called the present – it truly is a gift. Find joy in whatever you put your hand to. Spread joy – it multiples and comes back and blesses you 10 and 100 fold. Invest in the moment and cultivate a lifetime of amazing moments that build up and multiply to a magnificent life!

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Meaningful relationships, work and activities are where time is best invested. Know what is important to you. Be clear on what you value and give time to the important in your life. When we focus on meaningful endeavours we counter the clamour of the urgent. Knowing what has depth and meaning for us allows us to prioritise and make choices quicker and more consistently.

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Everything has a season. It is the highs, lows, bright and dark patches that add the depth and colour to our lives. Allow yourself to be in the season you find yourself in and seek for what you can learn from it. While we may not be able to change the seasons in our life we can always adjust our attitudes – it is not what happens to you, but rather what you tell yourself about what happens to you and how you choose to respond.

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Time is the only thing we are all born equal with. What we do with what we have is our choice. Think about the life you dream of living and know that it is made up of years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds. Start in this moment to take the path that leads to the life you want.

It starts now.

Here’s to your success!