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Window Seat Is Best

Window seat on plane

How do you stay innovative?

Is your business ahead of the industry?

Where do you look and what resources do you tap into to stay current and relevant?

Things are changing fast. We have VR, AR, AI and now Elon Musk is looking to wire the human brain to your personalised microchip. Stable industries are being shaken, challenged and changed by technology. New industries are being created, redesigned and reimagined in an ever-evolving  cycle.

Some things beautifully contrast this by being, thankfully, very constant. Sunrises and sunsets. Beauty of mountain ranges covered in snow, young kids laughing out loud in public, simply because they have found something funny. Travel is a kaleidoscopic mixture of technological change and traditional normality.

This is especially true of air travel.  As engines get better, auto pilots get smarter, check-in becomes cloud based app and automated self service, it is still a people driven (or maybe I should say flown) business. The smile of the crew members,  their friendliness and professionalism, the cleanliness of the airport and plane all make a difference. Sitting on seat 16D for my flight to Auckland (best seat for view of the mountain!) I look out at a view I have see hundreds of times before (and still take a photo of the spectacular Mt Ruapahu).

In the same way, an essential business survival practice is to both look internally and be inspired externally - look beyond the current state to what is happening (or about to happen) in the wider world. Do you stay aware of the inevitable changes happening in your industry? How? Are you looking at the same view from an up-to-date perspective? A useful tool is to use is PESTEL. This acronym encourages people to look at their business through the multiple lenses of

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Use additional perspective-expanders: ask customers and suppliers what they need, want and have heard seen and are aware of; go to trade shows; read books and articles; research papers; do your own research & development internally and with clients and suppliers.

Dream big and add a dash of crazy in there. Consider how you could deliver what you do with half the resources in half the time at half the cost. Look from all angles and you might just spot  something so incredible it changes your business, the industry and the world!

Here's to your success!