February 2016

Applying Inspiration - take Action

2016 has started well with the facilitation of a number of internal company strategy days. This big picture focus on values, vision and mission and their translation into action plans and many “90 day sprints” has been inspiring. For one of these days I was asked to read 3 books before facilitating the off-site team strategy day.  “Exponential Organisations” by Salim Ismail was one of these and it is a fascinating book around “Why new organisations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it)”.

How ready is your business for a technological breakthrough/upheaval?

Child’s Play: Fun, Passion, Focus – A Winning Combination

Ever avoided something for fear of rejection? Many people can relate, and have lost the opportunity that was perhaps wrapped in the difficulty. Contrast this with a kid wanting something at a supermarket: a lolly, ice-cream or chocolate perhaps. Ever seen a kid focused on a prize paired with a parent who says “no”? The interesting thing is not who “wins” but lies in the child’s unrelenting passion: