Sales Skills Are Core Skills

Sales Skills are core skills
Teach your Reps well

Can you sell?

What one skill would help you sell more?

How much could a core sales skill be worth to you and your organisation?

Provocative questions and statements are a great way to stir people up and heighten engagement. One of my favourite questions is, “What is the most important department in this business?” In a world of equality and ‘equal rights’ etc, that can get people quite animated! Then I state, and argue, that it must be sales because if you do not sell something no other role is required.

Irrespective of your stance every business acknowledges they need sales. Who's responsible for sales in your business? Do you have a “sales mindset” that defines your culture or is sales the domain of one or two individuals or a department?

Sales Shark

Sales is a mindset. For some it conjures up images of ‘car sharks’, to others it is merely a role, a job, or the way you get customers’ money. How about for you? Is it a ‘dirty/slimy’ job, a job that pays bills, a necessary role, a position that allows you to serves others or the very essence of being?

Lying behind the answers to those questions are revelations on your values, customer experience and internal culture. On the surface they are the first question one needs to answer before doing sales training. Before any core skills are taught, you need to get your head in the game of sales.

What do you consider to be the core sales skills that are required to be successful in sales? What are the best ways to learn? How do you make training stick and be applied?

When we put together our online Sales SOS course a few years ago, these questions were top of mind. Having got some great results from blended learning spread over time we structured the course over 6 weeks with a short lesson a day and the option of webinar support.

Our top focus areas included:

Mindset - As mentioned above, sales starts in your head - winning starts on the inside!

Understanding customers - The better you know your clients the better you can serve them.

Knowing your process and products - Lead the customer through sales process to give them what they need.

Know your USP/POD - Be able to answer the question, “Why should I choose you?”

Know your figures and use your tools - KPA’s and KPI’s drive activity and when monitored through CRM and robust systems can increase sales effectiveness.

Power of engagement - building rapport, asking great questions, using product knowledge with features, advantages and benefits, guiding conversations, managing objections and closing.

Follow up - always follow up!

Cross selling and upselling to increase value per sale and ensure the customer has all they might need or want.

Client management to build and keep client accounts and increase loyalty.

Testimonials, case studies and referrals to leverage off the best of sales!

What are your thoughts - What would you say were the most important sales skills?

Effective sales training can make a measurable difference. I have been training for years and have been privileged to travel around the world doing what I love. Consistently, I see people in sales roles falling short of their potential due to a lack of basic skills. If you need sales to grow your business and your team needs some sales skills please do get in touch.