Reflections on a view from the top

Live Life

Have you ever taken a huge risk, dreamed an impossible dream and gone all out to achieve it?

I have. Often. My last ‘high’ was the UBT Sales & Marketing conference held in Sydney on the 13th July. A week ago now. It was AWESOME!

If you have dared to dream big, taken huge risks and got to the top of the mountain, you will know the exhilarating feeling, that surge of emotion that makes everything worthwhile. And if you have reached that ‘mountain top’, I hope you took a minute to stop, soak it in and savour the view. From the bottom, any mountain looks impressive but that pales into insignificance when compared to looking down from the top. Ask any kid who has ever climbed the high board at the pool - only to look down and realise it is sooooo much higher from the top.

Going out on business for myself was a huge step. As Michael Gerber reveals in “The E-Myth” it was as much not finding what I wanted, as the lure of ‘giving it a go’ to pursue the Mark Twain dream of ‘finding a job I enjoyed so much I would never work a day in my life.’ Daring to dream that I could make a positive difference every day, that one day I could speak to thousands of people with a valuable message. These are dreams worth pursuing.

In the pursuit of dreams, there is the constant challenge of having to step outside one's comfort zone.

If you want to grow, it happens outside your comfort zone, and outside your confidence zone. You have to draw deep and step out in faith, be willing to learn (some read that as willing to fail) and be prepared to risk all.

Five years ago Ambrose & I had a meal and dreamed of talking to over 500 people at a conference. We did that 3 years ago. This year the dream was not just more people but to push the boundaries and have a debate on stage about a topic we both hold dear – the importance of sales and marketing working together. Three years ago I was practising nightly – I knew my talk by heart. This year I had to know what I was going to say and be super flexible. It was awesome. I loved every minute. My top  takeaways:

Surround yourself with great people. The support from home, my best friend, wife and business partner, Kiri, (and the kids) was incredibly encouraging. Working with Ambrose was exhilarating – knowing each other well enough to fully trust the other person and to push the ‘boat out’ as far as we did was huge. Working with the TMC and UBT teams was great. Steve showed a huge amount of trust and provided a superb framework for us do the delivery. The community we delivered to are amazing – thank you. (Special thanks to Jim)

Aim high. Stretch yourself that little bit further and give it your all. Fear of the unknown only becomes crippling if you focus on what can go wrong. Think, dream, visualise success every moment of every day.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. The more uncertain, the more important it is to be doubly, triply prepared. See every moment of every day as a training ground. Always perform at your absolute best and expect the best of yourself. Learn how to manage your mindset so that you are geared for success and can fire up and go for every opportunity. The build up over LinkedIn was such fun especially as so many people know that I am as passionate about marketing as I am about sales.

Enjoy life. It is short. You get to choose how sweet it will be. Live as the person you want to be and that is who you will become.