Mindset of high performance teams

Mindset of high performance teams
Do you look forward to work? Do you believe you are contributing to something significant? Does your team expect and bring the best from you?

A stimulating work environment brings the best from a team and stretches them to contribute beyond what they believe they can. People need purpose, they need to know they matter and that they make a positive difference - this is where a company vision can be so powerful. Last week  we explored VISION and where it yours is taking you and your team and this week I would like to explore vision further along with how it impacts your TEAM.

How do you know if your vision will inspire your team to high performance?

Here are 4 quick TEAM checks for your Vision:

Targets give us something to aim for. For the All Blacks it was back to back world cup wins, for Wal-Mart it is to “help people save money so that they can live better”, for Google it is to “Organise the world’s information and make it useful and accessible.” Could your team clearly articulate your company vision? Is it inspiring? Does it make one look beyond themselves to some bigger purpose?

Engagement comes from feeling you are making a difference and having an impact. Engaged team members focus and put in maximum effort. They are looking for ways to make reaching the vision quicker and easier - they share, discuss, debate and care about where the company is going and what it is doing.

Do your team care? When was the last time they actively engaged in conversation on company vision?

Attitude is a choice. Attitude sets your altitude. How high are you soaring as a company? Remember that you can only grow to the level of your team. Are you growing your team? Do you have a learning organisation? Remember your team is a direct reflection of yourself - do you have an attitude worth catching?

Meaning - the desire to feel we matter, that we have an impact, that we are appreciated lies at the core of people. Books like “Man’s search for meaning” explore our relentless pursuit to know that we ‘matter’. Do you let your team know they matter? Are you guilty of ‘seagull management’ or maybe even no management, or do you actively aim to catch people doing something right?

Meaningful work is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling on many levels - mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As you consider the 4 active ingredients to engage a team in your vision - how do you stack up? There are many things you can do, and to end this week here is a simple and effective technique: Share outcomes with team members and show how they relate to fulfilling your vision - if someone creates a part in the factory show them pictures of the end product onsite (or even better have a team field trip) and share customer testimonials so your whole team knows they are making a difference as they strive your your compelling, motivating and inspiring vision!

Be inspiring this week! If we can help with vision casting, team culture and improving your mindset at work do get in touch.