Looking for the Edge


Quote “What do you own in your customers mind?”

If I was to interview a random selection of your ideal target market and ask them who they thought of as a provider for your service or product, how often would your name be mentioned?

If I was to interview all your clients and ask them what word or phrase comes to mind when they think of your business/product/service what word /phrase would you want them to say?

Can you define the edge you have in the marketplace and/or in your customers mind?

These are some of the questions I am grappling with at the moment. In the process we settled on wanting our word to be “Mindset” and a phrase to be “Business Mindset Training”. That helped but …

                        What does mindset mean to you?

                        What does us ‘owning’ that word or phrase do for a client?

                        How do you get enough of an edge to stand out?

The concept of having an “edge” really resonated and I thought I would share my developing thoughts on why it is so important to have an EDGE and how to find yours

Being at the “cutting edge” denotes innovation, being the vanguard, being where it matters, when it matters. Being able to offer clients an edge gives them an advantage. It could be practical, psychological, a point of difference (POD) that means their clients choose them.

So what do you need to develop an edge?

Excel at something. Where do you really shine? What is your one repeating compliment that people talk about when they leave reviews online, give testimonials, refer people to you?  Find this strength and examine it, explore how to do it more, expand it and get so excited about it that you and your team exhibit it in every word and action. This is the start of excelling at something. A great example is Google. I remember when I ‘discovered’ it in early 2000’s. It was amazingly fast and unbiased. It was instant conversion for me!


Dominate one area. Just because you can do several things, does not mean you should advertise that. Where is the gap in the marketplace that you are best set up to claim? Where do you see the need, what are you hearing your clients searching for, asking after and wondering about? This is not always obvious because clients rarely ask for what you offer directly - they normally talk in pain points and wishes. Divide the market, delineate the playing field, define the gap, decide where you want to be, dig in and dogmatically work it.  Successful online companies have done well to dominate one area - Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Snapchat and countless others have identified a niche, laid claim to it and dominated.

Give it your all. If you are going to claim a space, you need to be wholehearted about it. There is no safe ground - you have to dive in. Be clear. Plan well. Go all out.  Guiding goals give guts to pursue the glory.  Greatness favours the bold and prepared. Stepping out to claim one area means that you have to say “no” to the inevitable distractions. Be clear on what you want to achieve = the Goal. Be honest with where you are at right now = starting point. The difference = the Gap. Plot the milestones you need to achieve along the ‘gap’. You have to go into the breach in order to claim it. Be clear, plan well, go confidently and give it your all.