Learning To Stand Out

Learn to stand out

One of the things that amazed me when I came to New Zealand is how people under rated and down talked themselves, their efforts, their products and their companies.

I learnt pretty quickly that the comment, “That’s pretty good” was actually a high compliment.

Understated approval still works here. Occasionally anyway. Being awesome and not knowing how to tell people will not grow a company or increase sales. This becomes blatantly obvious (often with a healthy dose of rude awakening) when companies want to start competing on the overseas market. Being great does not sell a product. Marketing does and that means you need to know how to state the truth - “This is AWESOME!!!!!!! - Try it NOW!”

Possibly the greatest cost of failing to state the standard you work to and produce, comes in your teamwork and culture.

Contrast your team culture with NZ culture around the All Blacks - we know they are the best and will happily tell anyone (especially if they are Australian ;-). As a country we are loud and proud, we pull together, we are a “stadium of 4 million people” and we stand for something! Could the same be said by your team of your company, your products and your services? Are your people “loud & proud” - even Kiwi-style do they talk well of you, their team, the company and what you do and/or produce? Do you talk up your successes and do you share them with your team?

Two quotes recently caught my attention:

“The key to the Toyota Way and what makes Toyota stand out is not any of the individual elements…But what is important is having all the elements together as a system. It must be practiced every day in a very consistent manner, not in spurts.” - Taiichi Ohno

Do you have a system that is consistent that you practice every day as a team? Do you have a quality standard that is so well known and understood internally and externally that your “Way”  is what makes you “stand out”?

The next quote is by Carlos Brito - “The best way to develop your people is to constantly get them out of their comfort zone.”

This has to start with you. What areas of your life and business are being negatively affected by you and your team staying in comfort zone?  This is such a crucial question that one of the weekly webinars in our Mindset3 Approach to Sales Programme is focused on understanding, and correctly using and building a personal brand as part of your digital strategy

If you are the best, make the best, deliver the best -then do yourself, your team and your prospective customers a favour and tell the truth, live the truth and claim your space in the marketplace!