Know WHY I should buy from you!


Of all sales confidence killers, there is one to watch for. Its danger lies in the fact that it is so common, people become comfortable in its presence. It is easy to fix. Yet it remains and festers over years, through companies, permeating and draining teams until they succumb to such normality that they do not stand apart. What is this crippling malaise that brings such despair? A lack of an answer to one simple question.

Why should I choose you?

People who train with me know my passion around this topic - and it is for good reason. The only thing that stops a rep from intuitively, instantly feeling a positive response well up, eagerly wanting to grasp the opportunity to answer that question is ..… doubt. The seed of doubt needs very little encouragement to sprout up and spread, suffocating its victim and smothering confidence.

Conversely, when every team member knows that their brand, company, product, service stands for something, it imbibes a culture creating a pride in what you do. In who you are. In what you deliver. When we stand out, we stand for something. When we stand for something, we have something to defend. We have something that defines every action. It is a checkpoint - “Does this action/statement/thought align with who we claim we are?”

So how do we do instill this?

Establish the gap - Ask each team member why people should choose you? (For fun, push back and challenge the initial response to test the depth of knowledge and belief)

Next, define who you are. Who are you best set up to serve? Why do you believe that?

Now, get each individual to fill in the below table (detailing 5 answers to each question):

Belief chart

Review the answers and collate the common ones - share this among the team. (Remember the WIIFM principle and focus on what benefits I will get not on your features)

Do a survey of your clients and ask them why they choose you. (Consider the Start Stop Continue format)

Share testimonials and all feedback. Share what the marketing department is saying in all your marketing material.

Once you have established a solid list of reasons why you remain the company of choice - practise, practise, practise. Print and carry them as cue cards if you have to. Practise saying them as rote. Practise saying them impromptu. Practise in your sales meetings. Make it a game and play until everyone believes.


Your competitive advantage, your unique selling proposition (USP) or point of difference (POD) is a lot more than a confidence booster - it is a mindset!

Think right, act right and you will get the right results! As always if we can be of any assistance do get in touch.