Improving Sales Through Process

improving sales process

Sales is a process. Whether you are selling burgers or oil rigs, ice-creams or cars - the role of a salesperson is the same: Connect with a customer who wants/needs what you offer (or the outcome of your product or service) and take them through a process that allows you to give them what they want or need.

The process is startlingly similar across industries: Greet, connect, ask questions, make recommendations, handle objections, cross-sell, close.

Different industries spend different amounts of time at each stage. Some industries have additional stages: R&D; demonstrations, test runs, tenders,  etc. Some companies have multiple ways of selling - different processes for different products and/or clients (e.g. Stock sales, accounts sales, cash sales, bulk sales, repeat sales, one-off sales….)

  • Do you know your process?
  • Do you know the differences in your process for different enquiry channels, products, customers, volumes?
  • Do you know the time it takes to buy from you? How long is your average sale take from enquiry to sale?

Link to Wistia here

Too many companies allow these questions to stay in the “Too Hard” or  “Pending” trays.  It is not always easy to work out but it is so worth doing!

Once you know this, the possibilities for tweaking and refining become so much easier and exciting: from learning to set expectations at the beginning of the sale by explaining the process, through to asking better questions through the process, to shortening the process and so much more.

Salespeople should make buying as easy and enjoyable as possible.

It pays to do the tough work of defining and then refining your sales process. This starts the process of turning your funnel into a pipeline. Ray Krock worked it out for burgers, Michael Hill worked it out for jewellery, Walt Disney did this for theme parks, Uber has done it for taxi rides and Air B’n’B for travel accommodation.

The future belongs to those who make buying a pleasure. Easy, fun, fast.

To get on this track you need to define the path you take customers down when you sell to them and then rework it. If you need help doing this - email me; if you need time to do it - book it out in your diary (or call for some time management training!), - whatever you do work out your sales funnel and start turning it into a pipeline!