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Objection handling is part of the sales process. There are some objections which are common across industries - ‘price’ ; ‘I need to think about it’ and ‘I am happy with my current supplier’.

If you have ever come across the “ I’m happy with my current supplier”objection you might be interested in what follows.

Having had the privilege of training thousands of sales reps around the world, I am often amazed at how similar the challenges are across widely different industries. The 80/20 rule applies to about 80% of businesses in one way or another (funny thing that) - 80% of income coming from 20% of clients; 80% of sales (and often GP) coming from 20% of products; 80% of outcomes coming from 20% of activities and so on. These common sales stats also apply to the things that ‘trip’ reps up - 20% of objections are used 80% of the time; 80% of reps struggle with closing and 10-20% of sales reps out-sell the other 80%, often 80% of what reps sell only represents 20% of the range of products and services the company offers.

It is these ‘niggle’ areas that I have focused on addressing through training, blogging, podcasts and e-books. I wrote my first e-book to help reps add value (and stop using the ghastly term “I’m just calling to touch base”). I have had some great feedback on “Repeat Sales Calls Made Easy: Simple Tips, Ideas and Methods to Make Your Regular Sales Calls a Success” and was encouraged to address objection handling next. Particularly the “I’m happy with my current supplier” objection. I have developed an effective strategy for this age-old objection. It is a method I call “Foot-in-the-door Strategy” and I was asked to put this in a simple to follow format. I am delighted to have finally finished this (having lost version 1 to the joys of technology!)

The approach is nothing new. Pick a potential client - ask to be the backup supplier- service them incredibly well - get one product accepted - then another - and another - until you are the main supplier. Whenever I am training this approach and ask who has used it and won clients, a lot of hands go up. Then I ask who has had it used against them and lost clients, and about the same number of hands go up. The e-book addresses both how to win clients like this, and how to stop losing clients to this tactic.

The title comes from the approach. The aim being to get your ‘foot in the door’, then you get a knee in the door, then your hip and then you can step in and, from a position of strength, you can then kick out your competitor.

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I have used a very different format  to the  “Repeat Sales Calls Made Easy” and would love your feedback. I looked at how I could market this e-book differently and thought of doing a teaser couple of chapters but so many people do that. I then thought of giving “x” amount away but again thought that was gimmicky - especially given it is an e-book. Then I hit on this idea to  offer out the final draft to reps (and buyers) in the field and in the trenches, living this reality day in and day out, to get your input. The e-book covers mindset, understanding objections,  preparation, understanding resistance to change, lucky shortcuts, hard slog and particularly focuses on the “Foot-in-the-door” strategy . If you would like a draft copy and are willing to give feedback on what you like and what you would improve/add in/take out please send an email tomike@thinkright.co.nz with subject line “Please send ebook for feedback”.

Looking forward to getting your feedback and starting the next e-book. What would you like covered in a short e-book? Let me know.