How Do You Rate On The Fun Scale?

Business team laughing

How do you rate on a fun scale?

Here are some simple activities for you to test your fun and productivity levels:

Give your employees a quiz and ask them how much fun they have at work. What do you think your average rating would be? Run a poll on the number of meetings you have and which ones people would attend if attendance was optional. 

Results from fun quizzes like these help to show the levels of engagement your team have. The more engaged the team, is the more productive they are likely to be and the higher your retention rate of staff is likely to be.

In the excellent book "Fish", Stephen Lundin noted that having fun at work was one of the four key elements of a great culture. Here are some of the creative ways I have seen teams having fun at work: 

Celebrate wins in a way that involves the whole team. E.g. ring a bell when there's a sale.

  • Do planks for morning meetings.

  • Have a funny Friday where people can dress to a theme on Fridays.

  • Have a social club and encourage people to do something together outside of work at least once a month

  • Celebrate birthdays - have cake!

  • Have a whiteboard with a theme for the week where people can write up fun inspirational quotes, thoughts and pictures.

  • Aim to catch people doing things right and compliment them when they do so.

  • Be appreciative.

  • Look at the decor in the rooms where people work and see what you can do to brighten it up and maybe swap it around on a regular occasion.

  • Have a sports team and or create internal competition around a pool table or dart board or something similar.

  • Have a board with employee pictures on it and fun notes about them and what they enjoy.

  • Celebrate work anniversaries and add a personal touch with candles and cards and a little something to make someone feel special.

  • Have a time during the day to stand up walk around, play a bit of music and deliberately have a bit of fun.

  • Have a community focused charity that you support either through time or finances and get and share feedback on the impact it is having.

  • Engage employees to look for content that they can share with the team, whether it's a riddle to solve over the week or a motivational video clip that really resonated with them.

If you get ready stuck it is actually worth looking at doing something along the lines of a happiness committee or even putting in place a 30-day happiness challenge. You'll be amazed at what it can do.

Here's to your success!