Great Customer Service

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Title: Great Customer Service

Quote: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

We sat together, with the three doctors facing us. Calm and present, the older and obviously more senior one spoke. What do you know about the situation? As we gave our non-technical understanding, she listened carefully, and when we stopped, she asked, is there anything more? Once we had finished speaking, she picked up the story, and went on to assure us of what we knew, then to add a couple of details here and some information there. She gave the forward plan, as sketchily as healing and care would allow, and then asked if we had any questions.

The two doctors on either side of her did not write notes, or tap on their cell phones. They also gave their full and complete attention to us – if we happened to glance away from the speaker to one or the other, every time our eyes were met and an understanding of what was being discussed was affirmed.

Over and over again in the past few weeks, I have marvelled at the skill of these doctors, and how much assurance their manner of treating us gave. In their approach toward us, their “client”, they showed the cycle of great customer service: listen, share knowledge, share process, listen again.

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Question & Listen

By listening to what we knew, they were able to assess both our understanding and the gaps in it. This established a base level of trust, creating a foundation where the first point of contact was our understanding.

Share knowledge

By giving their complete attention, they were able to make us feel seen, heard and understood, and allowing us to see that although they have many important things to do, assuring us was one of the important things and they were doing it.

Share process

By sharing their plan for care, they were able to take us on the pathway with them, create expectation, and establish authority and trust.

Question & Listen again

By inviting questions, they were able to give us power to speak into the situation, and seal that trust that they had previously established. This simple trust cycle creates a loyalty and commitment from the client that is incredibly powerful.

How do you be present with your clients when you encounter them? What key steps do you deliberately follow? Do you give them your full and complete focus, and take them on a journey which leaves them feeling assured, confident and happy to allow you in the driver’s seat? If all businesses treated their clients like this, the world would be a better place. What do you need to do to do that?