Do You Have Self Mastery?

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Lead yourself first, then look to lead others.  - Mike Clark

If you were an animal what would you be? Why did you choose that? What animal would you pick for the people you work the closest with? Thinking about that, how would the harmony be in the menagerie that would then be created? As humans we are all so different in many ways. Shaped by our families, upbringing, culture, beliefs, experiences, birth order and so much more. There are countless leadership articles on how to be a better leader, the 8 key traits, the 7 fundamentals, the 12 laws, etc. Working with so many leaders across a huge range of businesses I have found that the most effective leaders have one key factor in common - they have mastered themselves. So what does self mastery actually look like?

  • Settled in who they are. Accept themselves and work to their strengths and surround themselves with people who can counter their weaknesses.
  • Empathetic in nature. Their self awareness allows them to put themselves in others' situations and see things from a different perspective.
  • Like themselves. This is different from arrogance and pride. It is self acceptance that is at peace with oneself. “The man in the mirror” is their friend.
  • Freedom from other people's opinions or judgments. While input from others is welcomed, it does not dictate how they view themselves.
  • Mindset that is growth orientated. Challenges are accepted and seen as opportunities to grow and improve.
  • Action orientated. Self mastery increases willpower enabling leaders to achieve more because they master their emotions rather than being dictated to by them.
  • Set habits that help them. We are the sum of our routines and rituals and with this knowledge great leaders develop habits that serve them well.
  • Take time for what is important in their life. This includes taking time to discover what is important. Clarity allows focus. We make time for what we value.
  • Encouraging in the way they speak to and about themselves. The realisation of the power of words means leaders effectively encourage themselves and the people they work and rub shoulders with. 
  • Respect is an essential element. Respect for oneself which is reflected every aspect of how they conduct themselves, overflowing to those around them.
  • Yearning to live in the present moment, while living to be all that they can be. Leaders decide who they want to be, live this way every moment of every day and that is who they become.

Lead yourself to the life you truly want and as you do so you will be amazed to see you have followers. Step out, and become a master of yourself.

Here's to your success!

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