Customer Feedback is Priceless


In the book “Flow” Mikhal shares that one of the success principles of people who operate at an optimal performance level is that they set up great feedback loops. I read the book many years ago and often refer to his analogy of a game of tennis wherein the players receive immediate feedback on the shots they make and receive. Do you have feedback loops? How do you and your team know what brings success? Success is very motivating – Do you analysis what brings you success and then look how you can repeat it?

How do you motivate yourself and your team?  

I love receiving feedback from clients and sharing it with the team. Knowing we are making a positive difference is very motivating. Our next series of weekly articles and videos will be focused on “Customer Service” following a request and suggestion we explore this topic in more depth. We have found feedback to be such a guiding influence that our last blog was focused on specifically getting feedback on our latest e-book.  Being open to feedback can also help you improve. Recently we had feedback on our weekly Learning BITES videos:

“…We watch them each week as a team … and each time have a discussion as to how we can put the learning bite into practice. It’s often lead to some very good ideas…. I do find that sometimes they are difficult to listen to, which brings me to the reason for my email.”

Off the back of the excellent suggestions that followed, we are upgrading equipment and reviewing how we do our Learning BITES.

Great customer service culture enables the entire team to see the customer is a vital part of a successful team and operation. How do you engage customers as part of your team? Here are some suggestions:

Ask new customers how they heard about you – this way you can analyse your marketing and repeat what is working.

Ask for referrals from your best customers – as the saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together!” Referral marketing is a subject all on its own and can engage your clients as active salespeople for you.

Do R&D with and for your customers. If you are the company that proactively works with your clients to solve problems and explore opportunities, it goes without saying that you will be their “Trusted advisor/go-to” company.

Do customer surveys – The best way to know what is working is to ask!

Share information on market and trends – being generous with what you know is often reciprocated by customers and is a great way to know what is trending in your industry.

Stay on top of legal ins-and-outs of your industry and discuss with your clients the impact, and how you can minimise negative impact and maximise any opportunities.

Design your entire process around giving customers an amazing experience. Remember, “The easier you make it to do anything, the more people will do it!” Make your systems the easiest in the world and if they currently are not, work with your customers to make them easy.

People are amazing. People want to work with great people. Be great! It really is wonderful to be alive and incredible to live in such a fabulous country. Do you see the abundance in every day and enjoy life to the fullest? Does your team? Are you a company that stands out because your team, your systems, products and services are awesome?

What could you work on this week to be THE standout company in your industry? Any organisation can only grow to the level of its team. Work on creating an amazing internal culture and it will be reflected in the service your team delivers to your customers!