Creating Loyal Customers

Woman Pointing To Five Stars - Hotel in Background

There are so many different ways to engage customers. How many of them are you using?

Do you do customer surveys, joint R&D with customers, joint strategy meetings , involve customers in training - both giving it to them and bringing them in to train your team on how to service them as customers, joint market research, getting feedback on marketing material, expanding your offering so that you are able to supply them with more?

These are just a few ways I have seen clients engage with their customers over the years. There are so many benefits - key among them is the understanding that "the closer you are to your customer, the better you can understand them and what they need."

Client engagement is really a matter of caring and showing that you care. When we really care about our clients' success, we look for as many creative ways as we possibly can to help them succeed:

  • We work with them to educate them and show them what is actually possible and available.

  • We encourage them to give us feedback so that we can better understand their business their industry their clients and with this knowledge.

  • We change and craft our business so that it remains best set up to serve theirs and them.

I will be exploring these in more depth in the weeks ahead. For this week, I encourage you to look at how you can involve your customer in improving your marketing. Your website has been created - not for you, but for them. When was the last time you asked your customers:

  • what they like about your website?

  • what they find frustrating?

  • which other websites they find useful?

  • what do they like about other websites that you could incorporate into yours?

When was the last time you asked your customers to give you feedback on your catalogue, your pricelists and other printed marketing material? After all, all of your marketing is there for their benefit.

If you get regular feedback from customers, and act on that feedback, you may find, for example, that your catalogues will change with every print to become more and more user friendly; perhaps even becoming the industry go-to standard, because it is the industry that has helped write it.

This kind of responsiveness to customer feedback has a double benefit: your marketing improves; and your customer feels connected to it because they know that it has been written for them. It increases the loyalty of your best customers and gives them a clear message: you are set up to serve them! It tells them you want their input, because everything you create, you are creating for them. You could be amazed at the difference that this makes, both in the quality of your material and the loyalty that you get from customers.

Here's to your success!