Create Positive Touch-Points at all Points

I often teach that “You are who you say you are, until you or someone else proves it otherwise.” By this I mean that each person and business get the chance to think about how they want to be perceived. Perception is a very powerful thing.

For each and every person, their perception is their reality until they have a paradigm shift.

Who are you? What is your business known as and known for in the public arena?  Did your reputation happen over years or did you deliberately set out to be know as the ‘best in your industry’ or the ‘fastest’ or ‘most specialised’? Unless you have given this some thought, it is almost inevitable that your reputation has morphed through the lifetime of your business. This can be a good thing but, more often than not, creates a reputation that is at whim and control of others.

Be deliberate in deciding who you will be as a business.

This clarity helps define your brand, gives vision and purpose and, most importantly, gives you control of your customer experience. When you are clear on who you are and how you want to be known and perceived, then you can start to deliberately become that organisation. In a previous article I wrote “Define who you want to be and be that in every way you can and that is who you will become!”

When we talk of being who you aim to be, it refers to taking action. Anytime a customer comes into contact with your business, it is referred to as a touch-point. You control this experience, this “touch”. Is every interaction with your company well orchestrated to create a pleasantly memorable experience? Have you ever ‘mystery shopped’ your organisation? Do you have a clearly defined objective in regards to customer interaction or do you settle for the token gesture of ‘we deliver great customer service’?

Take some time this week and consider each and every point of contact a client has with your business and craft that moment into a touch-point worth talking about. If we can help - do get in touch. Customer service is the next frontier in being the company of distinction - take action today and stand out in the future!