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Title: Core Strengths

Quote: Unity is strength - when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. ~ Mattie Stepanek

In fitness, core strength refers to the strength of your core muscles – those muscles hidden deep in in the core of your body which act as a stabiliser, and produce and control muscle movement.

In business, the core strengths of your company give it strategic advantage in the marketplace. Strengths can be as diverse as business itself, ranging from great customer service, to efficient and cost-effective manufacturing, to strong team connections.

When searching out the core strengths of your company, we have found these questions useful: Who are you? Why do you exist? What drives you? What values lie at the heart of your business?

Knowing a core strength has a flow-on effect for creating strategy for the business. The core strength of the Think Right business is a learning mindset. We believe that given the right mindset and resources, anything is achievable. (Actually, given the right mindset, you can find the resources!)


You will see the effects of your core strength throughout the business. Some effects of our strength in having a learning mindset are
- We approach training with a positive, real-life experience, action based attitude.
- We are able to see weaknesses and strengths within the businesses we serve and clearly communicate them so that clients can make real improvements in the areas which they are focusing in.
 - We are able to gather knowledge from multiple sources and continuously adapt our service to give value.

Knowledge of your strength can create opportunities. For us, some opportunities are
- Being able to create a programme which is individually tailored to a business to meet its current need from our storehouse of modules
- Looking at new ways of servicing clients to increase training effectiveness or reduce travel costs to become more available
- Seeing challenges and roadblocks as opportunities to create new pathways to success

The strength of a business can also be woven into creating the strategic objectives of the business. Here are a few of ours.
- To ensure that the balance of time given to training clients, professional development and programme/course creation are balanced so that the team are working to their strengths
- To provide consistent value-adding communication to keep our client base up to speed with how they can improve in their businesses, whether they choose to invest in our training or not - To give-back to the community which we serve in realistic, tangible and generous measures

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Identifying your core strengths as a business is a hugely rewarding task. Working on developing and utilising those strengths gives a solid foundation to your business activity, to the team that outwork the business processes, and to the clients you serve. If you haven’t already done so, take some time out, gather your movers-and-shakers together, search out your core strengths, and see where you could go. If you’d like help facilitating this, do get in touch.