Confidence Sells

“Build confidence in every facet of your organisation - it makes it so much easier to sell.” - Mike Clark

Are you destroying your sale reps' chances of closing sales?

It is easy to do - damage their confidence.

The truth is, selling is easy. For many people who see sales as something sleazy or pushy, this statement seems laughable. As I have written about on many occasions, sales is a process and the better this is understood the easier it is to sell (or more accurately help a client get what they want or need). There is another truth - “Sales starts in your head” and in order to sell well, we need to believe in what we sell.  Time and again this basic truth remains “Confidence sells”.

Do you want to increase your sales? Here's an idea:

Ask your sales reps to rate how confident they are about your products/service, your ability to supply, your after-sales service, then compare the answers to your sales figures.

No prizes for answering this next question - what products sell best?

In my experience there is a direct correlation between products that reps like and are confident in and their sales of those products and services. Reps have their ‘favourites’ for a variety of reasons – find these out and replicate the reasons across your product range and service offering.

Another way to increase your sales is to listen ( really listen) to the people who have to sell on your behalf - what are their biggest gripes, their continual “whine”, - find these and remove them.

There are many reasons why sales reps do not hit sales targets and we will explore these over the next few weeks and in our weekly Learning BITES videos (sign up if you do not get these). Some reasons are in your rep's head (lack of confidence, lack of product knowledge, not understanding sales process), some are internal in the company (poor processes, production not keeping up, interdepartmental conflict) and some are external (economic conditions, aggressive competitive campaign, alternative product/options). Identify these quickly and address them to keep your edge.

I saw a lovely cartoon the other day showing a plummeting sales graph with a sales manager explain to the CEO - “The sales team have done all they can so I have to blame the customers”. While very funny this apathetic answer to falling sales and unwillingness to look internally and be proactive is sadly the demise of many people, teams and companies.

How about your sales? Need a health check? Join us over the coming weeks and see where you can take meaningful action to increase your sales. If we can be of any assistance do get in touch.