Applying Inspiration - take Action

take action

2016 has started well with the facilitation of a number of internal company strategy days. This big picture focus on values, vision and mission and their translation into action plans and many “90 day sprints” has been inspiring. For one of these days I was asked to read 3 books before facilitating the off-site team strategy day.  “Exponential Organisations” by Salim Ismail was one of these and it is a fascinating book around “Why new organisations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it)”.

How ready is your business for a technological breakthrough/upheaval?

In a PESTEL analysis, one of the areas discussed is the potential impact of Technology on one's industry. You only have to look at Uber and Air BNB to see how a progressive, forward thinking entrepreneurs can upturn an industry. Incredibly with those 2 examples they, essentially, own nothing in a traditionally capital intensive industry. Their breakthrough comes from making it easy and leveraging the “S” from PESTEL - Social impact and implications.

This is not an exception but the new norm - Are you ready?

One of the companies covered was Zappos and their incredible commitment to exceptional service. Their culture has been internalised by all their team and it shows. What about your team? Do your team members know what you stand for and how they are expected to reflect that to your customers and suppliers?

These, and other similar questions, have caused us to look internally more in-depth to ensure we are not the proverbial “plumber with the dripping tap at home.” Being a learning organisation with a primary focus on improving the way people think and how that is reflected in their words, actions and results, we have put some bold new action steps in place. Here are a few:

  • For our part time employees the first 45 mins of every day is spent reading a self improvement book and writing up a summary including their take away applications.
  • We have committed to compiling a book list of recommended reading, watching/listening material that we as a team can utilise and share with clients
  • We have chosen to gift books and learning material to clients wherever applicable - partly as a thank you for their business and in line with our belief that new knowledge applied brings positive change

Additionally our new series of courses are titled “The Mindset3 Approach” where we aim to incorporate the latest findings, research and best practice approaches in all aspects of content, delivery and follow-through action points. The first in the series “Mindset3 Approach to Sales” is a blended learning approach that covers sound sales principles and examines in depth the digital strategy companies needs to consider around the company and sales reps personal brand.

Have you done a plan for this year? Are you prepared for success? Is your team on board?

The world is rapidly changing and companies that do not change will not survive. Take some time to consider if you have what it takes to succeed and then ask your team and cross check their thoughts and expectations to ensure alignment. Then take action!