5 Basic Sales Techniques

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In the world of business, the core activity is sales - without these there are no customers, no income and no business. Time spent to train your sales people well gives one of the best returns on investment any management can make. Run your sales team through these basic techniques and see how you can lift your game, serve your customers better, and get more sales.

See and hear your customer. Do role plays and/or observe people selling. Be aware of body language e.g. eye contact and stance. Notice how 2-way the conversation is. Be interested in them and why they’re there, more than in what you can sell them. Practice looking at them and identifying information about them that can help you to engage with them in a way that they’ll know you care.

Ask intelligent and engaging questions from outset. Eliminate “Can I help you?" or "Are you alright?" "Are you just looking?” and “Hi, I just touching base,” from your vocabulary and replace them with intelligent questions that will help your customers know you’re there for them. “What are you after today? A …. Or a ….?” is far more engaging. In business to business setting, going in with clear purpose to add value shows from your first question.

Know your products thoroughly - where, what, who, how, why and when of your features and the advantages of them. You’re the expert - they can research, but they’re coming to you for a real experience consultation - give it to them. Relate the features and advantages they are interested in and show them how they will be of benefit.

Make recommendations. Yes, it’s their choice, but they’re in your space to get help. Have an opinion and be able to show alternatives. Once you have gone through connecting and asking intelligent questions use your knowledge, skills and experience to make recommendations based on your client’s needs and wants.

Cross-sell on every applicable occasion. It is your duty to ensure your customer is informed and knows what is available. Don’t let them get home with the video camera to discover they need an SD card to take photos. Tell them what else they need so they can make informed choices.

Genuine interest, intelligent engagement and great product knowledge are basic areas of expertise. When your customers know your people are there to serve them, they will travel further, spend more and bypass opposition with identical product to work with you. Work as a team to constantly upskill in the core areas.