Set Clear Expectations in Sales to Increase Your Close

set clear expectations in sales

Don’t let your customers guess what’s happening or what is next - set clear expectations and communicate often showing how you are meeting them!

Do you want to close more sales?

Do you want more testimonials and referrals?

Do you start selling expecting success?

In a previous blog Sales is a Process I discussed how sales is a process where you take your customers on a journey and help them get what they want. To do this you need confidence and a focus on serving the client.  In the journey of sales you need to ensure you can drive. Using the analogy of a car, let’s explore this in more depth.

Have you ever been so comfortable with a driver that you have fallen asleep while they drove? (I know many of you have fallen asleep while driving but that is another article for another time!) Well, great sales reps have the same effect as a confident driver - their customers trust them enough through the sales process, that they figuratively fall asleep, ‘knowing’ their trusted driver will deliver them to their desired ‘destination’.

Imagine I offered you a lift.  You accept and hop into the passenger seat, clipping in your seat belt. I reverse out (without bumping into anything), pull forward and stop at the  ‘T’ intersection, to look left and right. Chances are by this point you would start to relax, confident I could drive. Then let’s suppose I start to drive at 180km/hr down the main road.  I’m picking you would get a tad touch nervous.

Yet people pay to sit in racing cars with Formula 1 drivers travelling faster than 280km/hr and they eagerly enquire, “Can we go faster?”  What is the difference?

The difference is, of course, the level of confidence you have in the driver, the machine and the track upon which you are driving. Your job, as a sales rep, is to make the customer so comfortable that they relax and enjoy the journey. Learn to start your sales by setting your customers' expectations, communicate well and often and move your sales from a guessing game to an incredible memorable and enjoyable journey.


If you want your customers to be comfortable you need to explain the route, the process and set the expectations all the while setting yourself up for success.
Remember the old “ABC” adage? Always Be Closing - Set Expectations and start closing from “Hello”. For example, following from an engaging opening (Hint: not “Can I help you”!), consider describing the end destination, “When you work with us, we are so focused on ensuring the ideal outcome for you that we will ask you for a testimonial, referral and, if appropriate, use your project as a case study.”

Woven into that simple opening line is the subliminal assumption that they will indeed go ahead with you, and that the experience will be so good you will be asking for a testimonial and referrals! That is a confident opening used by someone who believes in their company, product and their ability to deliver. This can then be followed with excellent questions that guide and lead.

If you want to ‘Drive your Sales’ you need a roadmap and you will need to follow it. Do you know with complete certainty that you will deliver? If so, tell your customer, explain the journey and point out as you get to each destination point - much like a tour bus operator, delight your customer by letting them know where they are at and what is coming up next.

Customers know they want a ‘solution.’  They may not understand all the steps to get it but that is not their concern - it is yours. Don’t let them worry about the details - deliver the results and make the experience all you promised it would be. They will come back, sing your praises and tell their friends!