Where is your VISION taking you and your team?

Where is your vision taking you

Where will you be in 2 years’ time? What about 5 or 10 or more?

Looking forward is one of the most basic fundamentals of any planning session.

Knowing how to look forward is important but more important is knowing why you are aiming to achieve something and allowing that to determine your actions today.

It is often a lot easier to set financial goals for business because we can make them SMART and it is easy to break down and plan towards – e.g. 20 million by 2020. It is good to have this clarity but financial goals without vision leads to waning activity, energy and passion to stretch for big goals.

Over next couple of weeks I will share a few thoughts on VISION. At its base VISION is:

Values based. Consciously or unconsciously our values determine all of our actions. Take time to define what your values are. Share them, focus on them and refer to them. Catch people living your values and encourage this in the workplace.

Inspiring. Vision is what we are aiming for. It should inspire and give us the resilience to work through the inevitable challenges. Great visions bring us to work and make us feel lucky to be part of a team striving for something meaningful.

Simple and sets direction. People should know, understand and be able to explain your vision and what it means to them and how they see themselves contributing to the vision.

Intentional. Intent gives purpose. People need purpose. People need to know they matter and that what they do makes a positive difference. The intent of a vision attracts people and involves them allowing them to identify with the vision and work towards it with integrity.

Ownership inspiring. You need to know, own and live your vision. As you do this your team will do the same and a team that “owns” a vision will give their all to make it happen.

Natural. A true vision feels like part of who you are, or at the very least, part of who you ‘know’ your meant to be. Vision meets a Need and creates a Network of people who want to go to the Next level.

Does your team think, talk and act like a team in pursuit of a vision?

If not ask yourself if you are VISION driven and what you need to do to bring the team on your adventure. Drop me a line if you would like some help with this and we’ll explore more next week.