Child’s Play: Fun, Passion, Focus – A Winning Combination

A winning combination

Ever avoided something for fear of rejection? Many people can relate, and have lost the opportunity that was perhaps wrapped in the difficulty. Contrast this with a kid wanting something at a supermarket: a lolly, ice-cream or chocolate perhaps. Ever seen a kid focused on a prize paired with a parent who says “no”? The interesting thing is not who “wins” but lies in the child’s unrelenting passion:

They can hear a hundred “no’s” and still ask, exploring different angles, opportunities and possibilities.

What would it take to reignite this kind of energy and engagement in yourself and your team?

Some thoughts on how to make your work seem more like PLAY:

Passion arises when we connect deeply with something or someone. On a passion scale, where would you and your team sit? When we are passionate about something, it feels effortless - we commit time, energy and find ourselves looking to do more of it. We enjoy time invested with people and projects we are passionate about - it is fun and it shows!

Learning becomes a natural part of what passionate, engaged people do. When we care about something, we want to find out as much as we can about the person, activity, product or service. Do you review worldwide best practice as a team? Is that something you could do?

What would happen if your team understood where your industry bar was set at and aimed higher?

Action orientation is what separates dreamers from doers. Active play is encouraged because it gets blood pumping and exercises the muscles. In an organisation, action does the same thing. A lack of action plants the seeds of resentment and apathy - both spread insidiously and slowly kill the spirit of any company and, indeed, in time the company itself dies. Do you have a culture where people do what they say they will do, when they said it will be done by?

Yearning to be the best is what keeps kids and teams in training regimes. Do you and your team aim to be the best you can be? When we want to be the best it shows it everything we do, almost to distraction. Many people marvel/ question/despair at the time many young adults invest in computer games and the answer often lies in their replies - “Just one more level, just need to finish this mission, just need to beat this opponent”.

Does your team yearn to go to the next level - do you share and celebrate success when you hit targets, get positive feedback win awards?

Playing can be hard work - ask any winning sports team, and yet something happens when we play - it makes all the effort worthwhile. This week ask your team what it would take to make your workplace an energetic, engaging and enjoyable environment. Sometimes play can be serious work.