Time Management Test: When Plans are Crushed, Cracked and Broken…

Time management test

Jumping on a plane to Perth on Sunday I was looking forward to an incredibly exciting week. Starting with 2 days in house work in Western Australia and then the #UBT Sydney Sales and Marketing conference followed by Key Account Management workshop,  the week stretched ahead filled with excitement and adrenaline.

 Much like the debate Ambrose & I were going to deliver, the week was planned to perfection. 7 hour flight in which to read a book (‘The Shack’ was a gift and made for very thought provoking read), write a weekly LinkedIn blog, catch 40 winks and then pick up hire car and 3.5hr drive to motel. 4:00am GTM with NZ, 6:30am start in-house. Clear emails and then have an early night for early start Tuesday, catch ‘Red-Eye’ to Sydney land at 6:00am and head straight to conference.

 So that was the plan. It was running well as I finished my book and pulled my laptop out of the seat pocket to start the blog … only to discover the screen was cracked. Caught between the chair and the fold-out table as the person in front leant back, I realised. I felt a little like a cartoon character as I stared in disbelief and blinked a few times (as if that would make the image that beset my view change). It didn't.

 If you want to know the value of planning your time it sometimes takes everything ‘falling apart’ to show the value of well-laid plans. Much like airlines who plan months in advance, it is actually knowing what is planned that gives them the flexibility and adaptability to reschedule around ‘weather’, wars and ‘technical difficulties’. How flexible is your schedule? If you lost your internet access, your data, your computer or a key staff member, how would you manage?

 In an ironic, and yet somehow fitting way, this series on time management ends with me missing posting the blog last week and catching up. I aim to post 2 blogs this week. That classic line from Robert Burns - “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” is a fitting way to draw this article to a close.

 As you plan and look forward, remember to enjoy today. Enjoy the NOW. Cherish what is truly most important - faith, family, health, friends, learning and the work you do. Hold what you do lightly and remember that, as you pass through your life, often the memories that linger, the areas of biggest impact, are not in what you say and do but in the way you treat people and make them feel. If we can help with your time management and focus do get in touch.

 When it comes to using your time as well as you can, know what is important and sow into that. In the words of Matthew “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.