What do you value?

what do you value

Time is a limited and precious resource. We can spend it or invest it.

In time ‘management’ training I ask attendees to write down their company values in one column and their 5 core personal values in the other column. What would you list?

Most people struggle to list company values (or do so commenting they are stuck up everywhere but not remembered or followed). On the personal side people still struggle. Some put character traits like honesty and integrity, others put emotive drives like financial security and love, and others state the common choices of their family, faith, friends, work and health.

The acid test is to look back over the last week and ask yourself how much time you have invested in these core areas.

How much quality focused time did you give to your family? Did you eat well and exercise? When the challenge arose to be honest with a client did you colour your answer so you did not look so bad? Have you ever reasoned internally that “‘White lies’ are ok”?

When we are under pressure or in or flow we will default to habit. Our habits are formed over time as we think, talk about and invest more of our time into things that are important to us. Do your habits serve you well? Do you plan your time or react as needed?

What would you do?

Your son asked you to come to a class recital at 2:15 and you let everyone at work know you would be out for an hour around 2:00. At 1:52pm your best client walked in with a huge opportunity. Would you say you have an appointment or reason that your son would understand how busy work gets?

What if, in the same scenario above the 2:15 appointment was a flight overseas rather than a child’s class recital - would it be easier to postpone or refer your client to someone else in the organisation?

Each day brings demands on our time and attention. Choices need to be made. Either you choose where to focus or outside demands will happily steal away your days. The choice to focus is  a mixture of knowing what is important, knowing what you value and your habits, workplace layout, your team.

Set yourself up to enable the greatest productivity and enjoyment in every day.

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If you have never taken the time to think through what is truly important to you - do it now.  There is a lovely parable in the Bible about a man who finds a treasure of great value buried in a field and in great joy he sells all he owns to buy the field.

Is what you value bringing joy to your life? Do you look back on your days in satisfaction or disappointed and frustrated? Take ownership of your time. If you need help in this area please do get in touch.