Internal Marketing for Authenticity

internal marketing

“We sell the best!” The confidence, belief and enthusiasm of the eager faced young man showed the pride he had in working for and representing his company. A stark contrast that with the service one usually gets. What about the service you usually give?

When running marketing workshops one of the questions I often ask companies is what their ‘Point Of Difference’ is. The top 3 answers are 1) Service 2) Quality & 3) Going the extra mile. Would those be some of yours? Is your service really better than your competitors? Would your team members agree that your quality is the best in the industry? What about your team - do they actually go the extra mile? All of them? For their team members as well the customer?

Does your team know what your brand stands for? (Do you?)

Does your team reflect your brand message in the way they greet people, in their presentation, in their approach to solving problems, in their follow up and after sales service? Your team is the voice, face and hand and feet of your company brand - if they have not internalised your brand message, how will they project that?  We project what we innermost believe - if your team team does not understand your desired message to market then they are left to project their feelings and perspective.

When considering your marketing plan, ensure that you are marketing internally as well as externally.

Do you treat your internal team with the same care as you treat your best customers - remember, without great team members you will not hold onto your best customers for long.

Intending to focus on marketing in the next few blogs, I looked at a few of the key areas which come up often when working with companies to maximise their marketing.  

Getting team understanding and buy-in to create a culture of care/ service/ speed/ knowledge/ expertise/ professionalism/ etc is a primary marketing step often missed. In worst case scenarios, this lack of communication is seen when sales reps visit their customer and are informed of a “special” or “sale” that the reps are not even aware of.

Communicating internally and ‘practising what you preach’ in your marketing messages, helps involve your team. It is also easily missed step, or forgotten over time - “We told you when we started, didn't we?”. Just like you continue marketing externally you need to keep up your internal marketing.

This proved very true for me - after filming this week’s learning BITES around making your team environment great in every way you can, I looked out of Kiri’s side window and saw the below:

Having moved the office around some weeks back one of Kiri’s windows had this dismal view (in comparison to the beautiful little garden I look out onto). It is being rectified - picture proof to follow !

Look after your team - they are the human element of your marketing message - let them be your biggest POD!

As always if we can help with training, in-house strategy sessions or advice please do get in touch.