The most important form of marketing in a business

know your customer

Many people crave an easy answer to the question “What is the most important form of marketing in a business?” The answer requires knowing who you are marketing to; then working out the most effective form of communicating your proposition; and finally actually doing the work. Doing the work requires a constant process of evaluating effectiveness, measuring, tweaking, measuring and refining. Not really the ‘easy’ answer people want.

The internet is filled with adverts promising qualified leads that ring of “get rich quick” schemes and other such wonders.

To be effective - understand your target market. There are no shortcuts.

People’s desire to avoid the work of understanding and contacting their clients can be seen in the success of books and programs proclaiming “never cold call again”; “generate 1000’s of hot leads”; “7 steps to being flooded with enquiries”, etc.

Who are you best setup to serve? Who is your ideal client? If you want your marketing to be effective and give a great ROI, then take the time to identify your perfect client and the most effective route to market and work this.

Following below are excerpts of my replies during a string of emails which started out with an initial one line question: “ without going into too much details, what is the most important form of marketing in a business?

“Marketing does not have a "best" or "most important" in my opinion.

The role of marketing is to produce well qualified leads.

This is done by grabbing the attention of your ideal clients, creating enough interest and desire for your product that they contact you and/or buy your product. The most important question is therefore, who are your ideal clients?

I have clients who only do Google adwords, some who rely totally on WOM/referral marketing, others who do radio, or expos/trade fairs/field days, and many who do a suite of approaches. I personally rely primarily on LinkedIn and WOM/Referral with some networking.

The real answer to your question lies not in the platform but understanding your target market and which platform they would use and therefore know which would be best for you to develop a plan around.”

Be clear in who you want to target. Additionally it is important to answer the question in light of the 1) Strategic Plan for the business; 2) Target customer profile for each business arm/product 3) Budget available in time & money….”

Marketing starts with understanding your customer. How well do you understand yours?

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